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How Role-Playing Can Boost Sales Coaching

3 min read
Practice is essential to high performance, and in sales, we practice our craft with role-play. If you are serious about sales coaching, role-play has to be in your bag of tricks.
Global Performance Group has announced a new structure as of January 1, 2018. The Group has named Harry Kendlbacher as its new Chief Executive Officer, and Ron D´Andrea as it new Chief Operating Officer.
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4 Sales Keys to a Strong 2018

4 min read
Whether 2017 was a tremendous or difficult year, sellers have now hit the reset button, likely starting the new year with more aggressive quotas to achieve. In diving into 2018, here are some keys to a strong year ahead.
14 Feb 2018
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Enabling the Just-in-Time Situational Learner

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Salespeople are situational learners who learn best in the moment of greatest need. That’s why your messaging and skills coaching content needs to be situational, too.
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Planning and Executing a Successful Sales Kick-Off Meeting

5 min read
At the beginning of each fiscal year, many organizations hold a sales kick-off meeting (SKO). It typically brings together sales professionals, sales leaders, and their colleagues in areas like marketing and customer success.