Sales Training: What’s the Point?

3 min read
Every year, companies spend millions of dollars training their sales teams. In most cases, sales training doesn’t have the desired effect of increasing sales or increasing the team’s skills.
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Moving From Static to Continuous Sales Enablement

3 min read
Enablement through technology platforms and training is just the starting point for building a high-impact sales enablement system. A more complete approach includes ongoing learning and development to ensure mastery and comprehensive knowledge.
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The Role of Sales Training in a Successful Growth Strategy

3 min read
Most businesses have growth as one of their key strategic goals. Developing a growth strategy is the first step in ensuring success, and making sure you have the sales talent in place to carry out that strategy is critical.
For training professionals, there’s an age-old quandary: How do adult learners like to learn? And how do you make behavior change stick once they’re back in their daily routine? This is equally true of sales training for B2B sales professionals.
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2018 Fortune 500 Sales Enablement Priorities

3 min read
The following insights are based on research that asked a group of Fortune 500 sales enablement leaders questions about 20 moments that occur in most sales cycles.