Request for Proposal (RFP) and Training Sourcing Resources and Services

Training Industry, Inc. is uniquely capable to provide guidance to companies seeking to source or to create partnerships with providers of training products and services. Our team is available to assist you as you identify vendors and products to support your business needs.

For more than a decade, Training Industry has been gathering data to define the unique attributes and process capabilities of the best-in-class training organization, first published in the book, “What Makes a Great Training Organization?” and updated annually in our benchmark Great Training Organizations research.

Free Request for Proposal (RFP) Guide

The Training Industry Request for Proposal (RFP) Guidelines and Outline e-book is a free resource for training professionals considering sourcing products or services to support learning and development objectives. Learn more and download the Guide here.

Complimentary Training Supplier Referrals, Based on Unique Insights into Training Supplier Capabilities

As researchers and analysts, we’ve evaluated thousands of training suppliers, a small fraction of which become recognized on one of our Top Training Companies lists.

We provide complimentary referrals to supplier companies that match your sourcing criteria.

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