Sales training is vital to firm performance and effectiveness, particularly during periods of organizational change where new skills and roles, or dynamic market factors, need to be addressed to maintain a competitive edge in the sales landscape. This research shows that many organizations are effectively leveraging sales training interventions to support change management and are tailoring these interventions to meet the needs of multiple generations of employees.

In January 2015, ValueSelling Associates and Training Industry, Inc. surveyed 194 organizations to identify best practices for supporting change management initiatives with training. Our new report summarizes the results of this investigation revealing:

  • The most effective organizations not only used sales training to sustain successful change initiatives, but did so frequently as a part of organizational strategy.
  • Only half of organizations communicated a vision for change to their employees.
  • Over two-thirds of the most effective organizations were rated as effective at meeting the training needs of boomer (age 50-68), Gen X (age 34-49) and millennial (age 18-33) employees.

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