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The State of the Sales Training Market

Our annual report on the market for sales training provides an overview of current training and sourcing practices in companies providing training to their sales professionals, sales support staff and sales managers.
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Sales from the Buyer’s Perspective

This report provides insights into the opinions of business-to-business buyers about vendor companies and their salespeople.

Aligning Sales Competencies in L&D

To meet the expanding needs of sales functions, many L&D departments are turning to competency-based learning initiatives. This report provides insights into the implementation of sales competencies in corporate training.

The Evolution of Sales E-Learning

Although e-learning is an established, effective cost-saving way to upskill employees on a range of content areas, many questions linger about what constitutes effective e-learning in sales organizations.

Best Practices in Sales Coaching Across the Workforce

Coaching provides vital opportunities for training follow-up and on-the-job learning, helping to close the gap between L&D and in-role performance. How are organizations leveraging such programs to support sales operations?

Driving Change With Sales Training for a Multigenerational Workforce

Sales training is vital to firm performance and effectiveness, particularly during periods of organizational change where new skills and roles, or dynamic market factors, need to be addressed to maintain a competitive edge in the sales landscape.

Developing Courage in the Workplace

Organizations rely on employees to display courage when completing job tasks and interacting with customers, team members and subordinates.