Jacksonville, FL – July 24, 2019 – As the gap widens between available jobs and workers with the right skills to fill them, the Adecco Group U.S. Foundation today announced an upskilling effort that will offer free online education opportunities to 3,000 Americans, with plans to increase its reach after an initial launch period. In partnership with talent development leader Penn Foster, which helps employers around the U.S. to attract, develop, and retain talent, the pilot program seeks to build a talent pipeline for the nation’s in-demand positions, while advancing middle-skill careers.

The initiative features 11 virtual boot camps, adapted from Penn Foster’s curriculum to match the skills needed in today’s light industrial space. With real-life use cases, interactive content, knowledge checkpoints, detailed feedback and progress updates, each boot camp is built around academic and motivational support to help learners achieve success.

“We’re on a mission to help people reach their full potential in the world of work. These boot camps represent the Foundation’s first official gift to American workers, and we can’t wait to see the outcome as participants learn new skills and are able to take the next step in their career,” said Joyce Russell, president of the Adecco Group U.S. Foundation.

The boot camps, which include courses in high-demand skills like warehousing and distribution, welding, electronic assembly basics and machine operation, are self-paced and vary in length. All courses are accessible through a mobile-friendly platform, giving participants flexibility to learn on the go and on their own schedule, while paired with instructors and coaches to help them succeed. After successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion in their chosen course of work and will be more prepared to take on their next job opportunity.

“Preparing today’s workforce for the jobs of tomorrow demands a different approach to learning and reskilling,” said Frank Britt, CEO of Penn Foster. “This partnership is about expanding access to a new type of middle-skill training, designed to help employers close persistent skill gaps and enable working learners to chart a path to economic mobility.”

Visit partner.pennfoster.com/adecco for more information, or follow @AGUSFoundation for the latest updates on the Foundation’s upskilling efforts.

About the Adecco Group U.S. Foundation

The Adecco Group U.S. Foundation was created in 2019 to serve as a home of social value creation activities, focused on making the world of work a fairer, more accessible and better place through targeted innovation projects. Our vision is of a world where all people are enabled to reach their full potential. Our mission is to leverage our know-how, resources and partnerships to accelerate new solutions and collaboration in the field of employment and skills. Visit adeccogroupusfoundation.org for more information.

About Penn Foster

Penn Foster is the premier partner for training and upskilling the workforce of tomorrow. Since its founding more than 125 years ago, the organization’s mission has remained the same: to design educational programs that helps employers address pressing talent needs and creates new pathways for working learners. Together with an extensive network of leading employers, community-based organizations, and academic institutions, Penn Foster works to close the skills gap and build a stronger workforce through education and training.