Raleigh, NCFebruary 23, 2016 – Training Industry, Inc. and Raytheon Professional Services, LLC have released a new research report investigating how companies are leveraging training to successfully mitigate and manage the impact from sources of organizational risk.

The study, which included 261 companies, reveals several key findings, including:

  • 43% of organizations had moderate experience with managing risk through training initiatives
  • The most common sources of risk faced by organizations were illness/injury due to the usability or safety of a company’s product or service (52%), failing to explore the ethical implications of organizational decisions (50%), risk to company vehicles or other means of transportation (50%), and loss and/or hazards to proprietary processes, patents, or designs (47%)
  • Risk-related training is most often delivered via on-the-job training (59%), classroom-based instructor-led training (55%), and video-based learning (45%)

The full report, “Organizational Risk and The Role of Training,” can be downloaded here.

“This study provides a better understanding of how organizations are meeting the constant barrage of risks to personnel, resources, and customers,” said Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research, Training Industry, Inc. “While some industries are associated with obvious risks in their day-to-day operations, the modern business landscape presents risks to all companies in the form of impacts on branding, threats to intellectual property, and cybersecurity. Risk management has become a necessary part of organizational culture.”

Ken Taylor, president, Training Industry, Inc., emphasized the grasp that companies have on their risk portfolios.

“For the organizations we surveyed, a clear majority are aware of the risks that they face in their operating environment,” said Taylor. “The challenge for companies is to ensure they aren’t exposing themselves to risk by dismissing it, as well as not focusing on risk to the extent that it becomes a source of business inefficiency.”

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