DENVER — Aug. 23, 2023 — Today, Apprentix announced the launch of Partner Portal, the latest addition of its apprenticeship management platform, with more features to help intermediaries focus on the actual work at hand, rather than the burden of managing it. Apprentix has been built to reflect methodologies that offer a better way to operate, and Apprentix’s Partner Portal continues that tradition.

Intermediaries desperately seek a better way to run apprenticeships. We’re here for them, no experience required.

Bursting with intuitive new tools and features, the core of Apprentix’ Partner Portal is clear communication. Apprentices drive their apprenticeships forward without the need to chase them down, while admins, sponsors, instructors, and managers get the visibility they need. This is accomplished through several key features in Apprentix, including:

    • Unlimited employers and users – no additional charge to add anyone: clients, admins, sponsors, instructors, managers, mentors, apprentices, and stakeholders
    • Unlimited apprenticeships – get as many apprenticeships as you need to keep things organized
    • Unlimited registrations – use one of our 55,000 pre-built apprenticeships or customize your own, and Apprentix will automatically fill out the registration forms for you
    • Customizable and templated apprenticeships – customize your programs and turn them into templates to be duplicated and customized for each individual apprenticeship

Plus, admins, instructors and managers stay on top of what’s going on using:

    • Performance – a simple, visual table of what training is in progress and complete
    • Progress Report – a report showing each apprentice’s classroom and on-the-job training progress
    • Transcript – an official record of a apprentice’s work, showing courses taken, competencies achieved, wage progressions, and more

“We’ve meticulously developed Apprentix after understanding the jobs to be done and commitments of intermediaries. Our platform doesn’t just offer a solution; it spearheads a movement towards a more efficient apprenticeship ecosystem,” said Andy Seth, CEO and Founder of Apprentix. “We carry the torch, guiding intermediaries towards a future where apprenticeship management isn’t a challenge but a joy. We’re here for them, every step of the way.”

Apprentix also brings a new pricing model – one all-inclusive plan at one simple price. There are no confusing “good, better, best” tiers with Apprentix. Every customer gets the full suite of features, reinforcing our belief that everyone deserves the best.

Apprentix is used by multi-employer intermediaries such as education providers, training centers, unions, and associations, across every industry imaginable, in all 50 states. To learn more about Apprentix, visit