NEW YORK — Sept. 16, 2021 — Gloat, pioneers of the Talent Marketplace, today added Career Agility and Frontline Employee offerings to its portfolio of products to democratize access to career opportunities and put employees in control of their own growth and development.

These innovations arrive as businesses approach a crucial crossroads. Voluntary resignations have hit record highs with 4 million people leaving jobs each month from April through July. Studies indicate the trend may continue as 1 in 3 workers are currently considering switching employers. Employees are demanding change, and it’s up to businesses to meet them where they are — or risk losing talent to competitors that can.

As employees reevaluate what they’re looking for in their jobs and the directions they want their careers to take, organizations need to embrace new ways of working that make internal growth and development accessible to all employees.

Career Agility is designed to enable businesses to do just that. Instead of relying on traditional job architectures, Gloat’s artificial intelligence uses a combination of skills, interests, and job information to give employees real-time visibility and actionable tools to grow, upskill, and build their careers. And as job-specific requirements evolve and new roles emerge in an organization, the AI identifies these changes and dynamically adjusts its recommendations accordingly.

With this new offering, employees have access to Career Paths, which uses Gloat’s AI to present every employee with a variety of personalized Career Path options based on their unique skills and interests:

  • Popular: Career paths that others with similar profiles have taken
  • Desired: Career paths aligned to employees’ specific interests and goals, with recommended opportunities to support those transitions
  • Management: Career paths that help employees work towards leadership roles
    If employees want to explore additional job opportunities, Gloat’s Path Navigator allows employees to search for any role within an organization and chart a personalized, step by step path to get there.

Gloat’s Career Agility also helps employees take action to bridge the skill and experience gaps they identify on their paths. Action-oriented Career Tracks provide a step-by-step guide for employees to reach their desired role or gain a specific skill, seamlessly integrating Gloat’s Talent Marketplace opportunities — Projects, Gigs, Jobs, Mentorships, Learning, and more — to help employees progress towards their goals. Career Tracks can be self-curated and directed or recommended to an employee by business and talent managers to suit their unique development needs.

Early adopters are already seeing impressive results. “For years, business and HR leaders have talked about this critical need to put employees in the driver’s seat of their own careers,” said Jean Pelletier, VP of Digital Talent Transformation at Schneider Electric. “With the addition of Career Agility to our Talent Marketplace, we are able to disrupt the way we develop our talent, unlock capacity and most of all, focus on the growth and empowerment of our employees. The internal response has been incredible, and the Schneider team is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of cultural and business transformation with our partners at Gloat.”

These innovations expand beyond desk workers, as Gloat is also debuting industry-first offerings tailored to frontline teams. Employees in these roles have the same desire for growth and opportunity, but they encounter unique obstacles such as connectivity barriers and job-specific time constraints. Gloat’s Talent Marketplace will now empower frontline employees to overcome these challenges by introducing micro-learning and on-the-job shadowing opportunities, all accessible from a mobile experience.

“We’re amidst a talent revolution right now,” said Ben Reuveni, CEO of Gloat. “The ‘Great Resignation’ is signaling that traditional career ladders and development models aren’t working, and employees lack support to navigate the career journey within their organizations today. With these offerings, Gloat is pushing the boundaries of what a career can look like and ensuring all employees, regardless of where they sit in the organization, have access to meaningful opportunity.”

About Gloat

Founded in 2015, Gloat is redefining the future of work with its mission to democratize career development, unlock skills, and help enterprises build a future-proof workforce. It pioneered the AI-powered Talent Marketplace being used by the world’s leading global enterprises today. The company was founded by Ben Reuveni, Amichai Schreiber and Danny Shteinberg and is based in New York, with offices across the globe and a large R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel.