BOZEMAN, Mont. — Nov. 22, 2022 — Wisetail, an Intertek company, a Montana-based software company, announced its launch of a new product called OnTrack. OnTrack is a modern checklist solution designed to help organizations stay ahead of risk variables, increase staff efficiencies, and ultimately support and achieve operational success. The task management solution aims to aid teams manage the day-to-day activities that comprise business success through understanding, and corrective action. With reporting capabilities, managers can track and view activity compliance and gain insight into where additional training may be required.

Powered through the award-winning Wisetail Learning Management Solution, administrators can easily create, delegate, and manage checklists through a centralized system. Administrators benefit from the ability to view all reporting and management in an inclusive, all-in-one solution.

This solution is for L&D to be at the foundation of operational tasks. By bringing together learning and doing into one platform, L&D educators and leaders can gain valuable insight into activity compliance, understand where training gaps exist, and help to create a culture of accountability that empowers employees to form instrumental habits and reinforce positive behaviors through checklists.

With this solution, Wisetail leads the training and development industry by bringing learning into the flow of work through task management. This product greatly impacts business success due to its ability to upskill team members faster and reduce costs within inefficient operations, all while its mobile-first interface allows team members to access lists wherever they need them. It accelerates productivity through the creation and management of priority-based activities, focused on location and due date. It creates consistency within guests experiences, powerful permissions, and collaborative features that deliver responsibilities into the hands of the teams that are doing. OnTrack establishes accountability through positive behaviors, building a culture that values consistency and goal contribution in a centralized LMS training environment, all while monitoring through reporting capabilities with insights to identify compliance opportunities where gaps exist.

To gain a greater understanding of OnTrack’s feature capabilities and how it can fundamentally support your team’s operational efforts, visit our site here or request a live demo here.

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