Boston, MA – July 24, 2017 – Startup Institute, the leading career accelerator for the innovation economy in Boston and New York City, has launched its first intrapreneurship program as part of its part-time program offering, which wraps up in early August. The intrapreneurship program, which they will be expanding, was a response to the demand for innovation within organizations, which are looking for ways to upskill their employees.

The intrapreneurship pilot was designed to teach students to become innovators within their company by identifying specific organizational pain points and gaps. By developing a lean startup approach for launching a new product or idea, combined with learning how to navigate bringing new ideas to existing companies, students are given the highest level of knowledge needed to produce a new innovation.

“The skillset acquired during the intrapreneurship course brings ideas to the surface that have the capability to change the trajectory of a business,” said Rich DiTieri, CEO of Startup Institute. “The program allows corporations and startups to enroll current employees in the program to upskill their workforce and stay ahead of the disruption curve.”

By the end of the course, students present a data-rich proposal to senior management at their company. Some examples from the first program include:

  • A streamlined tax-exemption process for an online catering company
  • A sustainability tool for building owners at Harvard
  • A new app to increase conversion rates for auto insurance quotes
  • An online tool to match business owners and potential buyers

The intrapreneurship curriculum crosses all four of Startup Institute’s programs: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Sales and Account Management. It enables students to navigate through the company’s organizational politics, such as:

  • How does change happen at your company?
  • How is innovation messaged within your company?
  • What mechanisms do upper management have to support and hear ideas from below?
  • What strategies do you have to encourage collaboration and minimize internal competition?
  • How do you align your idea with the strategic goals of the company?

Startup Institute’s intrapreneurship program helps build the technical skills, mindset, and network that will drive organizational change and allow companies to remain competitive.

The Startup Institute’s next part-time program, which includes the new Intrapreneurship offering, begins on September 19th and is open for enrolment now at


Startup Institute was created to bridge two worlds: the world of fast-growing companies that are desperate for talent and the world of people who are desperate to find careers they love. With locations in both New York and Boston, Startup Institute is not just another school. It’s not an incubator, and it’s not a one-off skills class. It is an incredibly ambitious learning experience that challenges it students to expand, both in character and skill set, in a relatively short amount of time. The program is about finding a career path that people can be truly passionate about. The Startup Institute community, comprised of students, alumni, instructors, hiring partners, and staff, is proven to be one of the most valuable career assets and plugs students into a powerful professional network in the innovation sector. Startup Institute’s strategic partners include ShopperTrak, Openview, Krossover, Media Math, One Month, Fuze, Redstar, Mass Challenge, and John Hancock.