Six Disciplines Introduces Business Management System that Transforms the Way Leaders Align Company Strategy with Execution to Build Purpose-Driven Organizations

Findlay, OH – March 19, 2018 – Six Disciplines today announced a new type of business management system that enables leaders to more easily and effectively build purpose-driven organizations. By integrating software, coaching and proven excellence methodology, Six Disciplines’ new system will now allow CEOs, HR and other leaders for the first time to create, align and automate business strategy with operations and individual employee execution, creating a consistent, disciplined coach-led process that engages everyone in a workforce around a shared organizational purpose.

By the year 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce and over half of them say they would take a pay cut to work for a company that matches their values and gives them a sense of purpose. However, most organizations do not know how to effectively integrate purpose into the day-to-day experiences of their employees and only scratch the surface, unable to realize the benefits: more energized and engaged employees, stronger organizational alignment and a positive impact on society.

“From our seven-plus years’ experience working with CEOs, HR and leaders across a variety of industries we realize the importance of purpose in business and how to integrate it into strategy,” said Gary Harpst, founder of Six Disciplines. “We are excited to now offer leaders of any organization a ground-breaking way to articulate and embed purpose in order to build high-performing organizations of the future.”

The new Six Disciplines management system integrates proven processes, ongoing on-site coaching, leadership training, and cloud-based mobile software into a complete management system to promote transparency, sustainability, and continuous learning. The system offers:

  • Proven Business Excellence Methodology – The foundation of the system is the Six Disciplines® Methodology, six proven processes that show leaders how to clarify purpose-driven strategy, manage change, align for both ‘running and changing’ the business, engage people in doing what’s important each day, encourage continuous improvement and organization development that prepares for the future.
  • Ongoing, On-Site Coaching by seasoned business professionals, that don’t consult and leave, but continuously guide teams and encourage managers using best practices to ensure improved performance and lasting results. Coaches are on-site at least four times per year and available by phone regularly.
  • Cloud-based mobile software that is customized for each, client automates systems and processes so companies can easily align their new strategy with an automated execution process across the company. The software includes Plan, Analytics, Collaboration, Engagement, and Action Managers to streamline goal-setting, plan building, priorities, resource allocation, meeting management, weekly action-tracking, project lists, progress monitoring and continuous communication and collaboration using frequent feedback and regular check-ins. Dashboards provide easy access to real-time performance management information for improved employee engagement, accelerated learning, and quickly spotting problem areas.
  • Leadership Development and training that introduces leadership proven best practices and competencies and teaches leaders how to apply them to their specific everyday work situation.

“Central to our success with Six Disciplines is the ongoing coaching and software that ensures everyone is accountable in the execution of our strategy,” said Brian Roth, president and CEO of TRUFAST.   “That has made a difference in ensuring that we continue to improve organizational performance and sustain our purpose-driven strategy.”

About Six Disciplines
Six Disciplines is the provider of a new type of business management system that equips leaders to engage people in shared purpose to improve performance and drive growth. Six Disciplines helps CEOs, HR and other business leaders create and align business strategy with people and execution. Its system uniquely combines a proven excellence methodology, software, coaching, and leadership development to automate, streamline and continuously align business strategy with a work management system that maximizes the potential of its workforce around shared purpose. Over 1,200 leaders managing more than 10,000 people at over 60 organizations rely on Six Disciplines to help them unlock their potential and sustain their strategy. Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, Six Disciplines is a privately owned company. For more information, visit us at, on twitter @SixDisciplines or on LinkedIn.