Raleigh, NC – April 11, 2017 – Training Industry recently announced its 2017 Readership and Editors’ Awards at the Training Industry Conference & Expo in Raleigh, NC.

The Training Industry Readership Award recognizes the most-read articles published on TrainingIndustry.com and Training Industry Magazine from the past year. The winners were selected based on readership appeal and attention.

Here are the 2017 Readership Award recipients from TrainingIndustry.com:

  • “Managing Employees through Motivation”
    By JP George, consultant
  • “5 Character Traits of Effective Leaders and How to Recognize Them”
    By Jocelyn Davis, Author
  • “Gamification: The Training Trend for 2016”
    By Ruby Spencer, PulseLearning
  • “5 Best-in-Class Corporate Training Approaches that Meet Today’s New Business Norms”
    By Carol Leaman, Axonify
  • “The Key to Employee Engagement Isn’t What You Think”
    By Kevin Cope, Acumen Learning
  • “8 Tips for Creating Effective Microlearning Courses”
    By Sudarshana Ghosh, InfoPro Learning
  • “The Future of Corporate Training in a Changing World”
    By Caroline Brant, Zoomi
  • “10 Insights from Interviews with L&D Leaders”
    By Luke Kempski, JPL
  • “The Good, Bad and Ugly of Employee Training”
    By Brigg Patten, Author
  • “5 Top Leadership Skills to Cultivate for the Future”
    By Roz Bahrami, Skyprep.com

Here are the 2017 Readership Award recipients from Training Industry Magazine:

  • “How to Turn Highly Technical Content into an Engaging Learner Experience”
    By Michele Graham, Diana Benyaminy, Lauren Fregonese & Joy Gross, KPMG
  • “Universal Design for Learning: Out of the Classroom and into the Corporate World”
    By Debby McNichols, SAP
  • “Using Technology to Amplify Leadership Development”
    By Sanjay Advani, Intrepid Learning
  • “Mindfulness: A Critical Success Factor”
    By George Pitagorsky, NYC DOE
  • “Dispelling the Five Myths of Microlearning”
    By John Eades & Christina Wilder, LearnLoft
  • “Blowing Your Millennial Mindset”
    By Julie Winkle Giulioni & Olivia Gamber, Authors
  • “Next Generation Classroom: Providing the Ultimate Learning Experience”
    By Hugh McMullen, MicroTek
  • “Training versus Performance: It Isn’t Always a Training Issue”
    By Angela Wilson, Avista Utilities
  • “Why Yesterday’s Skills Aren’t Enough to Survive Today’s Digital Transformation”
    By Jason Hathaway, CrossKnowledge
  • “Memory: The Critical Bottleneck to Learning”
    By Brian McGowan, ArcheMedX

The Training Industry Editors’ Award recognizes two articles that captured the attention of both the readership and the Training Industry editorial team, had a unique perspective on the topic area and displayed diligent research and quality writing.

Here are the 2017 Editors’ Award recipients:

  • “The Future of Corporate Training in a Changing World”
    By Caroline Brant, Zoomi
  • “Training versus Performance: It Isn’t Always a Training Issue”
    By Angela Wilson, Avista Utilities

“This group of articles represent some of the best contributions to TrainingIndustry.com and Training Industry Magazine this past year,” said Michelle Eggleston, editorial director, Training Industry, Inc. “It’s great to see the range of topics that resonate with our audience, and we’re pleased to formally recognize our top contributors with an editorial award.”

“We are proud of the quality of the content that Training Industry continues to publish,” said Ken Taylor, editor in chief and president, Training Industry, Inc. “Our congratulations go out to all the winners for sharing their perspective on the business of learning.”

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