LAKE WORTH, Fla. — July 27, 2020 — Andy Greenberg, former national radio personality, Tv Talk Show Host, Author and recognized sales expert, announced the launch of “CARDdinal Rules of SALES” for the over 14 million sales professionals in the United States.

“ Using a standard deck of 52 playing cards we embedded quick and easy to use approaches to today’s complex sales environment that have vaulted an average sales person to a powerful revenue generator” explained Mr. Greenberg.” Throughout my 40 years in Business to Business and Business to Consumer sales I developed these approaches that stumped so many.  I used them in sales training seminars and measured their impact. In all cases, close ratio’s, prices and margins went up! In today’s world sales seminars are nearly non-existent, books take to long to read and you can’t find the nuggets easily. So putting them on playing cards is the unique solution since there are over 1,000 different card games and they are easy to carry around. “Therefore the tag line is  “Those that play their cards right will outsell those that don’t.”

Sales professionals and business owners were asked to comment on the cards prior to launch and they responded overwhelmingly with acclaim. They include “ They are quite powerful. I can see real value here for our salespeople.” “I think it is an interesting teaching tool. Compact, clever and poignant,” “The advice is great, For the ranks of novices to average performers it should be a great,” I like that each card has one Question with possible answers,” “The cards look excellent and certainly answer so many issues in a very “visual” way. They will be excellent teaching tools,” and many more.

Andy Greenberg started his sales career in New York City, selling shoes door-to -door in college and progressed rapidly  to selling multi-million dollar contracts, then was a sales and marketing executive for several 60 million businesses both corporate and family owned.

For further information on both the B2B and B2C cards visit