Greensboro, NC – August 26, 2019 – The Brooks Group, a global sales training and selling solutions firm, announced the launch of the Sales Performance Research Center.

The Brooks Group was founded over four decades ago on research-based principles with a mission to transform sales teams and the organizations they serve. We’ve continued our tradition of leading with research and formalized the way we share market insights with the Sales Performance Research Center.

Today’s marketplace is constantly evolving. The amount of information organizational leaders are forced to sift through to make sales strategy and talent management decisions can be overwhelming. Our Research Center is intended to serve as a conduit for conveying the most impactful insights that will move your organization into the future.

Subscribers of the Sales Performance Research Center can expect unbiased research results and marketplace trends that will assist them in making the decisions that lead to the greatest impact for their organizations. As a part of this launch, we have published a study on current trends in procurement and how it impacts the sales team.

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About The Brooks Group

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