GREENSBORO, N.C.April 30, 2021 Addressing a need to upskill sales professionals in a manner that is both impactful and immediate, The Brooks Group today launched Brooks(OS) – the latest addition to its award-winning sales training lineup. To learn more about the latest sales training program, visit:

Brooks(OS) combines the efficacy of The Brooks Group’s time-honored IMPACT Selling® Professional Virtual Sales Training Program, with a contemporary spaced learning concept that is designed to accelerate key learnings, and, by extension, sales results.

Spaced learning is an approach that is scientifically proven to increase both the retention and impact of the lessons learned. As applied to Brooks(OS), spaced learning sessions are delivered in live, brief meetings over a 16-week period. The program design minimizes disruptions for active sales professionals while giving them memorable lessons that can be deployed immediately into their daily routine. Programs are designed to be delivered virtually and include the use of eLearning and other gamified tools to further aid in impact and recall.

“Our stated goal here at The Brooks Group is to transform the sales results of client companies moving their sales teams from the current state to the level of world-class selling organizations. Brooks(OS) accelerates that journey,” said Gary Fly, President, The Brooks Group. “The goal is to have individual salespeople, sales teams and sales managers performing at their full capabilities, and to reap a large, immediate, return on their investment. In other words, Brooks(OS) activates a best-in-class sales culture in the organizations for which we work.”

The four, four-week tranches of Brooks(OS) are as follows:

  • Learn: Participants will alternate between facilitator-guided instruction and self-paced discovery of the IMPACT sales process – with a special emphasis on their company’s unique selling process.
  • Practice: Using The Brooks Group’s customized eLearning platform, sales professionals will complete scenarios and activities designed to help them master IMPACT in their own selling.
  • Sell: Participants will participate in a Sales Bullpen discussion board with peers, managers, and IMPACT facilitators to apply Learn and Practice activities to current problem solving, best practices, and skill expansion.
  • Coach: Using vignettes offered by several of The Brooks Group’s facilitators, participants will identify gaps in their selling skills and connect with their main facilitator for questions. These lessons will be reinforced with weekly “Thought Drops” containing additional timely insights.

Additionally, sales managers will have their own track of programs — four sessions designed to teach the essential art of coaching to the IMPACT Selling methodology.

About The Brooks Group
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