NEW YORK — Nov. 17, 2020 — Like most roles, sales reps have had to adjust how they conduct business throughout the pandemic. Transitioning from in-person to fully or predominately remote selling has been a huge challenge for sales organizations.

Sciolytix has unveiled a new Remote Selling Learning Ecosystem for sales reps to learn, practice, and develop amid the continuing lockdown. UPtick is the first training platform to offer an end-to-end, multi-stage remote selling journey – from pre-call planning to closing the deal. These modules teach sales reps to manage and connect effectively in remote conversations at every stage of the selling cycle.

All conversations take place within a Zoom conferencing framework and incorporate the complexities of this environment in the scoring, assessments, and feedback.

“I haven’t heard of one sales rep who has met in person with many – or any – prospects and clients since March,” said Nick Rini, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Sciolytix. “Most reps are doing what we’re all doing: scheduling Zoom meetings and trying to sell. They desperately need remote selling simulation training like we have in UPtick to practice and develop. This is the way meetings are going to be for the foreseeable future; sales leaders need to adapt and help their salespeople.”

While selling was already a “remote” profession for many, lockdowns have made it impossible for sales leaders to evaluate, train, and develop their sales reps. UPtick is virtual sales simulation software that makes online training more accessible at a time when companies are unable to conduct in-person training during the pandemic.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Confident in UPtick’s ability to drive change among sales teams, Sciolytix is guaranteeing the impact on their clients’ organizations. If in the first six months clients are unhappy for any reason, they can cancel their contract and receive full refund.

Blended Sales Success Model

Introducing new training solutions into an existing sales stack can be time-consuming and complex. The Sciolytix Blended Sales Success Model supplements UPtick with sixteen offline sales training sessions delivered in the first 6 months by Consilio, an award-winning training company, to ensure that UPtick provides meaningful and lasting improvement to users’ sales teams.

UPtick: Virtual “Flight Simulator” Sales Training

UPtick by Sciolytix is like a flight simulator for salespeople. It provides a safe place to practice sales conversations without putting relationships or deals at risk (by taking chances in real selling situations). It leverages gamification through an engaging interface combined with leaderboards, and friendly competition within sales teams.

The UPtick sales readiness platform uses simulations to train sales reps through a series of conversation modules that span the lifecycle of the sales journey, providing individualized feedback and coaching at each step. It measures, predicts, and develops the capabilities of each sales person while delivering data and insights to sales leaders on their reps and team.

Learn more about the UPtick Remote Selling Learning Ecosystem.

About Sciolytix

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