Littleton, CO – January 19, 2018 –, the leader in AI for sales, today announced Coaching as a Service.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to learning the company message, tech stack, systems, and processes, until now., powered by Specialized Sales Systems, announced Coaching as a Service to enable SDRs and BDRs to outperform against their set meeting and pipeline targets.

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“In my first sales role after graduating from college, I was given little training, failed, and was fired within 9 months. ScaleX is dedicated to providing sales professionals with the best technology stack available, the best sales coaching, which leads to the highest conversion rates and more pipeline than ever before,” Chad Burmeister, Co-Founder and CEO, ScaleX.

About ScaleX – delivers personalization at scale. Whether you are looking to bring more productivity to your internal sales team, or partner with a company who can deliver 25 – 50 meetings per month per BDR, ScaleX has a solution. In the past 100 years, not much has changed in sales, until now. With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP), personalization at scale is possible for the first time ever. Imagine a salesperson averaging 50 “sales activities” per day with very little personalization vs. a salesperson, powered by AI, averaging 500-1000+ sales activities per day–no contest. ScaleX delivers market domination at a pace that is 5-10X faster and more effective.