San Francisco – April 6, 2018 – SalesHood, the industry leading sales enablement platform optimized for high-growth sales organizations, announced SalesHood Stories, a new enterprise story sharing platform. SalesHood Stories accelerates employee and partner engagement by easily crowdsourcing and curating stories from employees, partners, and customers. “The power of video storytelling to celebrate wins and share best practices helps professionals learn faster and helps companies capture company moments at scale,” says Elay Cohen, CEO, SalesHood and former Senior Vice President, Sales Productivity from Salesforce.

SalesHood Stories creates connections between people by preserving and sharing your organization’s experiences and culture in a dynamic video library. “Fostering a culture of learning has to be organic and SalesHood Stories is the proven way to easily source and share wins and successes,” says Jake Hofwegen, Senior Vice President Global Sales Operations and Enablement, Yext.

SalesHood Stories enables mobile recording easily with image overlays such as slides or pictures captured in the field that can add a richness to the story. Every video captured is instantly transcribed, tagged, and added to the enterprise content library, making video submissions easily searchable by the broader organization.

Customers using SalesHood Stories will benefit from the following features:

Capture: Crowdsource company best practices and user generated video stories, easily captured from any camera equipped device. Customize guided interview questions that prompt people to share structured answers.

Transcribe: Automate with speech to text for all videos captured creating a library of searchable best practices.

Tag: Automate how videos are shared and prescribed in context to employees and partners by tagging with keywords and custom attributes.

Search: All videos are published to the company library and searchable by title, description, and text spoken in video/audio files.

Coach: Provide just-in-time and in-context coaching and content from user generated stories and experiences.

Measure: Analyze consumption of stories measuring views, downloads, votes, and comments to gauge impact and usefulness.

Some examples of crowdsourced stories are: Deal win stories, customer success stories, references. opportunity updates, product launches, demonstrations, executive broadcasts. company cultural moments, team events, personal experiences, new hire tips, and manager coaching.

About SalesHood
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