Indianapolis – January 22, 2020 – Sales Xceleration announces the creation of a new sales-focused recruiting business – Breakaway Sales Recruiting.  This specialized recruiting firm is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses find the right sales talent to drive significant revenue. Breakaway Sales Recruiting combines an experienced group of talent managers and veteran sales leaders to work with businesses to determine its unique candidate profile and then place the right sales leader/manager or sales representative within the company.

“We continue to see the positive impact of Sales Xceleration Outsourced VPs of Sales, and we saw an opportunity to fill a gap often found within the sales function of the many organizations our Advisors serve. Identifying ideal sales resources with the right skills and mindset can be challenging for many business owners, but our Outsourced VPs of Sales know what type of candidates are the ideal match. Once it is determined what a business owner needs to exceed their sales goals, the Outsourced VP of Sales works with highly-skilled talent managers to find the perfect candidate(s) to enable the organization to grow and exceed those revenue goals,” said Mark Thacker, President, Sales Xceleration, Inc.

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