Raleigh, NC – January 23, 2018 – Training Industry, Inc. and ValueSelling Associates have released a new research report investigating the perceptions of buyers in business-to-business vendor relationships.

The study, exploring the data from 260 respondents across a range of industries, provides insights about the perspective of business-to-business buyers, including these results:

  • Only 34 percent of buyers see vendors as consistently effective in conversations with executives.
  • Buyers are likely to begin their engagement with vendors at any stage of the buying cycle.
  • Many salespeople are viewed as lacking core business knowledge about the buyers they interact with.

The full report, “Sales from the Buyer’s Perspective,” can be downloaded here.

“This study provides a better understanding of buyers’ opinions about the vendors and salespeople they interact with on a regular basis,” said Tom Whelan, Ph.D., Training Industry, Inc.’s director of corporate research. “Though many sales managers may make assumptions about the performance of their sales staff, the results of our research show some clear areas of improvement. Some of the most striking takeaways from the findings were that many salespeople are lacking when it comes to the technological tools that govern modern business communications, and they often don’t know enough about the markets and industries of the buyers they’re serving. Our study also shows that buyers are generally satisfied with their vendor relationships but do not always trust the intentions of the salespeople they interact with.”

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