Richardson Launches Sustainment Suite to Equip Sales Organizations with Tools and Assets to Drive Ongoing Skill Improvement

Philadelphia – February 22, 2019 – Richardson, a leading global sales training and performance improvement company, announced today it has launched its new Sustainment Suite, a robust set of just-in-time assets and tools to support sales teams as they take new skills out into the field.

Sustainment is what occurs after sales professionals leave formal training and return to the field. Richardson Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea Grodnitzky, says, “Shifting priorities and everyday challenges distract from the constant attention required to sustain new selling skills. Sustainment needs to be incremental and consistent over a period of months in order to see true behavior change and ongoing improvement.” Grodnitzky says Richardson customers who are successful at sustaining new selling skills do three things well:

  • Spending about a third of their budget and focusing significant time getting the sales force ready to change and planning for a successful change.
  • Focusing on improving a limited number of key behaviors through training. Because working memory is finite, companies should direct their sales forces’ attention to the small number of best practices most likely to impact their business results.
  • Placing a heavy emphasis on the sustainment portion of behavior change because this is where the “rubber hits the road.”

Richardson’s Sustainment Suite helps organizations build a strategy that includes repeat exposure to best practice content, manager coaching and involvement, and ongoing use of Richardson’s digital learning platform, Richardson Accelerate™. The suite offers three flexible options that sales organizations can take advantage of:

  • Managed Solution: pre-configured calendar of activities utilizing various modalities, including video, interactive media, and social engagement
  • Manager Support: monthly toolkits and support meetings to help sales managers drive ongoing skill sustainment
  • Facilitated Reinforcement Sessions: virtual sessions and real-deal coaching opportunities with dedicated Richardson facilitators

About Richardson
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