Richardson Launches High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Sales Training Program to Equip Sales Professionals with New and Advanced Set of Skills to Drive Momentum in Deals

Philadelphia – December 14, 2018 – Richardson, a leading global sales training and performance improvement company, announced today that it has launched its new High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Program, a program that introduces a new and advanced set of skills that allows sellers to respond to the emerging demands placed on them by buyers.

As customers progress through the buying journey, they are continually integrating more information and people into the process, refining their thinking, and aligning on how to proceed. This program provides guidance on how sales professionals can help the customer to align in each stage of the journey around the decision to buy and the decision to buy from your organization. The program teaches sales professionals how to:

  • Assert their perspective by developing and sharing a clear and compelling point of view message in a way that creates openness and receptivity on the part of the customer to see a new or different perspective
  • Raise risk to preempt late-stage concerns and address stalls or delays
  • Uncover and address critical areas of stakeholder misalignment needed to reach agreement on the right course of action
  • Move beyond their comfort zone and gain a current contact’s agreement to arrange a meeting with a senior-level decision maker

Richardson’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Programis a blended sales training program that incorporates digital learning assets, live instructor-led workshops, and post-learning sustainment activities.

“The buying journey is complex, dynamic, and increasingly subject to stalls and delays. To thrive in today’s environment, sales professionals need to proactively drive momentum by engaging in higher-stakes dialogues with the customer that drive alignment, clarify thinking, and drive differentiated value,” explained Richardson’s CMO Andrea Grodnitzky. She continued, “Our new High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Program teaches sales teams to apply a consultative approach and advanced skills and techniques needed to win more deals.”

About Richardson
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