CHICAGO — June 2, 2020 — RED BEAR Negotiation Company, a global leader in business-to-business negotiation training, announced today a partnership with Beyond ROI, a third-party, independent measurement firm, to study the impact of client negotiation training outcomes.

Chad Mulligan, Founder and CEO of RED BEAR, said, “Client sponsors of negotiation initiatives don’t make investments lightly. They are being asked to prove the ROI and sustainability of these initiatives. Simply put, this partnership with Beyond ROI removes the guesswork for our clients.”

Beyond ROI, founded in 2006, allows companies to connect participant skill adoption to business results. The company employs a proven methodology honed from more than 2000 studies. Beyond ROI has developed a platform to handle data collection, analysis, and results reporting on behalf of RED BEAR.

“We are honored to help RED BEAR’s clients understand the business impact that correlates to their training investment,” said Susan Trumpler, President of Beyond ROI. “The negotiation skill and principles introduced in the RED BEAR programs fit our methodology perfectly as they tie directly to KPI’s on the C-Suite’s mind – cost savings, cost avoidance, increased margins, and working capital improvements.”

The partnership, already underway, provides RED BEAR clients an independent assessment of the value and results derived from RED BEAR’s negotiation workshops. Working with a trusted, third party, independent measurement company like Beyond ROI provides clients an unbiased accounting of the return on their training investment.

“What gets measured gets improved and what gets measured and reported gets improved exponentially. Our commitment is to ensure our clients maximize the value of their relationship with RED BEAR and our partnership with Beyond ROI is another example of this focus,” added Mark Sharp, Director of Marketing at RED BEAR.

In addition to benefiting RED BEAR clients, both companies plan to aggregate results for an annual report entitled “Measuring the Impact of Negotiation Training.” This study will focus on three critical aspects of success: Adoption, Support, and Impact.

About RED BEAR Negotiation Company:

RED BEAR Negotiation Company is a global leader in business-to-business negotiation training. Our discovery-based learning approach, first developed by BayGroup International, empowers sales and procurement teams to negotiate more profitable agreements and build stronger relationships with clients, suppliers, and colleagues.