BOSTON — Nov. 9, 2021 — RAIN Group, a global sales training company delivering award-winning results through in-person and virtual sales training, coaching, and reinforcement, announced today the launch of its new education system for both in-person and virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

“One of the biggest challenges sales organizations face today is driving change through training. Training must extend beyond the classroom to a multi-modal, multi-touch, practice-rich, coaching-supported, and accountability-rigorous environment,” shared Dave Shaby, COO of RAIN Group.

The new architecture utilizes the latest learning technology and follows a learn, practice, apply, and refine model.

The firm took its suite of sales training programs and broke them down into a rich and deep library of distinct, portable, modular blocks of learning that cover specific skills of sellers, account managers, and sales managers need to master.

Each module includes four key components:

  • Prework: Delivered via microlearning, short videos, and interactive exercises, these activities introduce learners to the core concepts of the module. Learners complete these pre-session assignments before the live session that follows.
  • Classroom session: Delivered virtually or in person, these highly interactive and collaborative sessions focus on practice application and feedback.
  • Application Assignment: Following the live training, learners apply new skills in their post-session assignments.
  • Application Coaching Session: Designed to help sellers hone skills and to hold them accountable for implementation.

“Before pandemic, about 70% of our training was delivered live at client sites. When Covid hit, all in-person training came to a halt. We knew we needed to do better with virtual training, making it more interactive and discussion-based to drive results. We made it our goal to build a sales education system to help our clients drive change and achieve maximum results,” said Shaby. “Our approach allows participants to learn key concepts before the live training, then in the classroom session — whether it be in-person or virtual — they practice the new skills, gain feedback, and participate in rich discussions. The transformation we’ve seen is incredible.”

The firm’s subject areas of expertise include Core and Advanced Consultative Selling, Winning Major Sales, Strategic and Key Account Management, Virtual Selling, Sales Negotiation, Sales Management, Winning Major Sales, Sales Prospecting, Sales Productivity, and RAIN Sales Coaching, including Coaching for Action and Accountability.

Rather than using classroom time teaching new concepts, a significant amount of knowledge transfer occurs before live sessions, allowing for the live session time to focus on practicing and applying what’s learned with real-life opportunities.

John Miller, EVP and GM at PDS, was one of the first clients to experience the new learning architecture and shared, “The pre-session videos were great productions and a big reason why the training was successful. It allowed people to have some baseline learning that they could do on their time and pace to have a more effective, collaborative live session later.”

About RAIN Group

Founded in 2002, RAIN Group is a Top Sales Training Company that delivers award-winning results through in-person and virtual sales training, coaching, and reinforcement. The firm has helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 75 countries significantly increase their sales results. Headquartered in the greater Boston area, office locations include Bogotá, Geneva, Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Seoul, Sydney, and Toronto.