GREENSBORO, N.C. — Aug. 25, 2020 — Further underscoring its commitment to its clients’ welfare during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Brooks Group has elevated six associates to roles which will further enhance the experiences of its mid-market and enterprise business customers.

The Brooks Group – a corporate sales training and consulting business that has helped to build high-functioning, successful sales organizations since 1977 – is pleased to announce the following organizational changes:

  • Glen Barnes earns the title of group VP, government services, with a focus on creating custom recommendations for government organizations looking to improve the overall performance of their recruiting and training. Glen is a 30-plus-year Air Force veteran and has 20-plus years of experience in military recruiting management.
  • Lisa Rose is now group VP of sales, expanding her role in collaborating with sales managers to develop a unique, motivational sales culture within their organization.
  • Josh Winters earns the new role of director of sales. Winters, who previously headed up the Business Development unit, will lead the sales team in executing sales strategies, while assuring stellar service and positive outcomes for prospects and clients.
  • Russ Sharer will serve as director of sales strategy excellence. Previously serving as TBG’s director of facilitation, Russ will now focus on delivering holistic solutions around The Brooks Group’s IMPACT Selling system to clients.
  • Robyn Chalmers will serve our legacy assessment clients as an account manager. Robyn will assist TBGs consultants in delivering requested information and materials for client debriefs. Robyn previously served as client experience analyst.
  • Nicole Allen will work with Lisa Rose as an account manager, servicing TBG’s enterprise-level accounts. Nicole will manage the entire client journey, from the initial conversation, through activation, training, reinforcement, and beyond.

“We are extremely grateful to be working with businesses across the country to help return their sales operations to a sense of normalcy and effectiveness,” said Gary Fly, president, The Brooks Group. “Our clients tell us time and again that what makes their relationship with The Brooks Group so special is our ability to provide dynamic solutions that resonate with their people, right now. That’s why, by adding additional resources to our client-facing operations, we hope that we can be even more responsive to whatever challenges that our customers set before us.”

About The Brooks Group

Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is a corporate sales training and sales management training company focused on helping companies build top-performing sales teams. Its training systems provide street smart, actionable strategies that help salespeople sell more effectively and sales managers coach and lead more successfully. Our no-nonsense, customizable approach skips the fluff and focuses on what will actually get results for your team. Go to for more information.