NEEDHAM, Mass. — Sept. 15, 2020 — Allego today unveiled Allego 6, the newest version of its market-leading learning and enablement platform, which features a modern user interface refresh that makes it easier than ever for distributed teams to quickly learn critical skills, find the right content at the moment it’s needed, and collaborate more effectively with their peers from anywhere in the world. The redesigned platform is now an all-in-one solution that makes Allego’s powerful features for learning, content, collaboration, and coaching easier to harness so users can succeed rapidly and grow continuously throughout their professional journey.

Allego 6 is designed to improve team effectiveness through a comprehensive learning and enablement platform that supports sales and other client-facing professionals in the flow of their daily work. According to Forrester’s Now Tech: Sales Enablement Automation, Q2 2020 report, teams that invest in sales enablement automation are better equipped to evolve selling processes and skills to reflect buyer preferences1. Allego 6 makes it easy for teams to access the knowledge and content they need, when it’s needed most, so they can spend less time searching and more time productively engaging with their peers and prospects.

“There is incredible pressure on learning and enablement teams to keep employees trained and productive, while figuring out new ways to deliver training and content in a virtual environment. We designed the enhancements in Allego 6 specifically to ease that burden and to make it easier for employees to access the most relevant experiences and material at the moment of need,” said Andre Black, Chief Product Officer at Allego. “The clean look and feel of Allego 6 makes it easier than ever for users to create, store, find, distribute, track and analyze sales content so learning and enablement teams can work together to drive results.”

Allego’s latest release is an all-in-one solution for sales and other enablement teams. Allego 6 capabilities and enhancements include the following:

All-New Streamlined User Interface Design

  • The Lumin Design System debuts in Allego 6 and makes it easier than ever to learn, find sales and time-critical content, and collaborate with teams virtually and frictionlessly at the moment of need. With a bright, uncluttered look and feel, Allego’s new Lumin design includes a clear, streamlined presentation of information and visuals to quickly scan and find content across Allego, as well as enhanced navigation to streamline access to key capabilities and improve discoverability of the best materials.

Comprehensive Content Management Capabilities to Help Teams Find and Use the Best Content

Allego ensures content utilization by empowering reps to find, personalize, learn, and track sales content and marketing collateral.

  • Content Management for sales and marketing collateral, organized in content folders and “channels,” including storing, searching, sharing and usage analytics on presentations, PDFs, videos, office documents, across devices.
  • Content Enrichment and Innovative Personalizations for sellers needing to customize content for their virtual selling situation by creating videos, embedding messages, questions, calendar links, and visitor forms.
  • Integrated Training allows enablement teams to quickly produce and tightly link training content to sales content, ensuring proper understanding and use of all materials.
  • Social Stats and Content Analytics instantly show users which content is generating the most engagement and direct them to new beneficial content.
  • A.I. Recommendation Feed. Allego further enhanced the potency of its A.I. powered learning and content recommendations engine. It can now automatically serve up relevant content based on complex relationships between user, peer, and content, in addition to user behavioral data.
    Learning to Deliver Success at the Moment of Need and Ongoing Improvement in the Flow of Work

Expanding Allego’s market-leading capabilities in learning, this release empowers employees with transformative experiences that bridge the gap from baseline training to ongoing learning on the job.

  • Learning Expansion with dozens of feature enhancements and hundreds of improvements and optimizations that strengthen the flexibility and usability of Allego’s learning platform.
  • NPS® surveys give learning and enablement teams a better understanding of which courses and knowledge assets are effective to inspire employees to recommend that content to others.
  • Enhanced CRM contextual recommendations that automatically log seller-shared content and seller call behaviors into an organization’s CRM platform and provide relevant suggestions for key knowledge assets or training within the CRM on Leads, Contacts, or Cases, in addition to Accounts and Opportunities.

Collaboration and Coaching Capabilities to Drive Productivity for Distributed and Virtual Teams

Allego facilitates collaboration and coaching that’s rich and engaging across the entire spectrum from practice to live role play to real customer interactions without the hassle of travel and scheduling.

  • Call Coaching gives teams deeper visibility into the impact of their efforts by empowering them with automated importing of call/video conference recordings, as well as automated insights into reps’ call performance.
  • “Notification Bell” and other collaboration features alert teams to new developments and content associated with their peer collaboration and conversations, as well as coaching sessions.

Analytics and Data-Driven Enablement Ensure Targeted Learning, Content and Collaboration

Allego’s analytics and dashboards combine intelligence with action for a turnkey solution that helps organizations fully develop each employee’s unique potential.

  • Modern Learning Record Store (MLRS) gives organizations xAPI compatibility for traditional and modern learning activities like mandatory compliance training, as well as self-directed learning, coaching, informal and peer knowledge sharing.
  • User and Course Details Dashboard Enhancements expands on analytics that let managers and administrators quickly access and export information on a particular user, group, sets of content, or courses to easily monitor usage and learning progress down to the individual component level across teams and individuals.
  • Survey Results Dashboard makes it easy for managers and trainers to easily gather team feedback they need in order to optimize learning activities and content and better serve their teams’ needs.

Virtual Training Solution Enables 3rd-Party Trainers to Deliver Their Services Virtually

  • Virtualized Training Platform is a new solution platform designed specifically for Allego’s partner ecosystem that enables 3rd-party training providers to transform their live training programs and deliver their training virtually and remotely. In response to the “new normal” of working virtually, this solution is designed for organizations that offer training to their clients, empowering these Allego partners to transform their training offerings beyond in-person instructor-led training, and create innovative and effective training programs for their customers.

Training and Enablement Made Easy for Everyone

As soon as Katie Stocker, Senior Manager, Sales Enhancement for WS Audiology, a global manufacturer of hearing aids, experienced Allego 6, she found the interface to be crisper, brighter and more intuitive.

“I’ve been using Allego for two years now, but Allego 6 makes it easier than ever before to navigate the platform,” said Stocker. “I’m currently onboarding a new sales trainer and Allego 6 has made the process so much smoother. The minute you open the home screen, tasks, recommendations and notifications are laid out clearly, so you don’t have to go searching for what you need. We’ve also received great feedback from the sales teams and are already seeing better adoption from those who were resistant before.” She added that with a 100% virtual National Sales Meeting on deck next month and continued collaboration from remote locations while teams are still working from home, Allego 6 will make it easier for everyone to record, share, and access content to drive success and keep their skills sharp.

Allego 6 Availability

Allego 6 is available immediately. To learn more about the enhancements introduced in Allego 6, and schedule a personalized online demo, visit:

About Allego, Inc.

Allego’s modern learning and enablement platform ensures that sales reps and other business-critical employees have the skills and timely knowledge to make the most of each selling situation or initiative. Instead of traditional onboarding and training marathons—which are rapidly outdated and quickly forgotten—enablement and training teams use Allego to deliver the fresh, bite-sized learning that employees need to close deals in today’s dynamic business environment. Content is personalized and mastered through reinforcement, on-the-job coaching, and peer collaboration. More than 300,000 professionals use Allego to onboard faster, deliver consistent messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach and practice more frequently, and collaborate more effectively. To learn more about Allego and learning and enablement in the flow of work, please visit