SAN FRANCISCO — Dec. 9, 2020 —, the No. 1  Conversation Intelligence Platform for high growth Revenue teams, today announced Momentum Insights, a transformational view into customer relationships, provided natively in the CRM. Momentum Insights harnesses the power of Conversation Intelligence to empower reps and their leaders to confidently engage with customers and ultimately close deals more quickly and easily—right from their CRM.

“The Conversation, analyzed by AI, has been the missing link to understand relationships – the “R” in CRM. Momentum Insights will unlock learnings never before available from the CRM to harness the most valuable dataset available—conversations with customers,” said Jim Benton, CEO of “This will empower Revenue teams to solve complex problems which require strong relationships, and relationships ultimately drive revenue. Reps get exactly what they need to engage and personalize their efforts, while leadership is able to trust the unbiased data aggregated from each opportunity to inform critical business decisions.”

CRMs are critical to how businesses operate, providing the system that aggregates countless data points and activities across customers and opportunities. However, it is challenging for Revenue leaders to uncover the most impactful information inside of the CRM, which is missing the true context of what is being discussed on the frontlines with customers. Chorus curates the most relevant information for Revenue teams – the details and progress of the relationship. Chorus’ purpose-built AI enables reps to prioritize the customer rather than administrative tasks and leaders to gain quick access to the knowledge needed to coach their team. With the new Momentum Suite, Chorus understands and surfaces actionable information on every interaction, allowing Revenue teams to:

  • Understand the Relationships that Drive Revenue. Deeply understand every customer with powerful Relationship Intelligence so you can better personalize interactions, more effectively engage with prospects and customers, and win business faster. Advanced AI uncovers what key topics were discussed in past interactions, and easily enables every team member to come up to speed and create world-class customer experiences.
  • Forecast with Confidence. Revenue teams can’t afford to rely on high-level forecasting numbers or intuition. With firsthand Conversation and Relationship Intelligence, leaders accurately plan their business through understanding each deal inside-out, just as if they were a part of every interaction from day one.
  • Pinpoint Actionable Opportunities. Cut through the activity clutter, and pinpoint exactly what interactions impact deal progression. Better manage deal and account reviews with AI that highlights focus areas and helps you build a repeatable formula for your team.
  • Conduct Smarter Pipeline Reviews. At a glance, understand how engagement activity correlates to deal outcomes that move your pipeline forward. Quickly reveal deal risks, critical moments and overall deal momentum to eliminate roadblocks for your team.

Momentum Insights will be available in Q1, 2021. The Relationship Intelligence surfaced by Momentum takes Conversation Intelligence to the next level. Revenue teams that capitalize on Conversation Intelligence and the insights offered by both Momentum and the recently announced Outcome-Based Analytics will set their team up to win more competitive deals by truly understanding the needs of their buyers. To learn more, visit

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