SAN FRANCISCO — April 12, 2022 — Mindtickle, the leader in sales readiness technology, today announced the launch of its IRP Generator, a quick, interactive, intuitive way to create and customize your ideal rep profile.

You can build multiple profiles for roles like account executives and sales development representatives in minutes and share those results with your team.

“Sales leaders pin their hopes on the top-performing salespeople to drive the most revenue. This dependency has led to all-too-common refrains ‘Sellers are born, they’re not made’ or ‘Selling is an art, not a science’, when in reality selling actually is a science,” said Nick Salas, Head of Sales Enablement at Mindtickle. “There’s a formula for the perfect sales rep that’s a combination of knowledge, skill, and behaviors. While the formula for each organization or role is different, there’s a method for defining what makes sellers successful.”

Creating an IRP helps ensure each seller is getting the education, content, and coaching they need to learn and are able to master the skills and competencies that are correlated with sales success. An IRP is the first step toward creating more peak performers and driving greater revenue growth for your organization.

How to build your IRP

The Mindtickle IRP Generator makes creating your ideal rep profile easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a name. Giving your rep a name helps you better visualize your IRP. You can even give your rep a fun name like Rockstar Rachel or Moneyball Mike.
  • Select a role. Each role does not place the same weight on skills and strengths. Depending on the role, reps have different characteristics and benchmarks that are vital for success in their particular field.
  • Identify goals. Depending on the role you’ve selected in step 2, we’ll serve up common goals for this role. You can select as many or few as make sense for your team. It’s important to be clear about the characteristics someone must possess to be successful in the role. This allows you to understand the competencies needed to find the right candidate and help your team become successful through training and coaching.
  • Customize your scorecard. We’ll serve you up a scorecard with the key knowledge, skills, and behaviors for the role and goals you identified in steps 1 and 2. You can adjust the importance of the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of your ideal rep and even remove some entirely.
  • Download and share. Once you download your scorecard, we’ll also serve up some action items for each of the knowledge, skills, and behaviors identified in your IRP.

How to get the most of your IRP

You should encode your IRP where you can measure skill development and its impact on business outcomes. With an established ideal rep profile, the 80/20 myth is busted. You can follow a “100/100” rule instead and build a sales team full of reps with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to be successful.