EDINBURGH, Scotland — Nov. 26, 2021 — Mind Tools has partnered with Kojo Academy, which specializes in supporting sales leaders through evidence based and extensively researched sales practices. The Mind Tools Toolkit with additional content from Kojo Academy has been augmented to create a suite of digital resources that will be valuable to small businesses. The resources are device friendly and available 24/7, 365 days a year, giving small businesses immediate access to practical guidance whenever and wherever they need support.

Small businesses play a crucial role in today’s economy and now more than ever is it important for organizations to be equipping their teams with accessible, on-demand performance tools that empower their teams to perform in today’s progressive workplaces. The Small Business Toolkit by Mind Tools has been designed to do just that. By putting a growth guru in the hands of everyone at an affordable price, every employee can thrive in the workplace.

The toolkit will:

  • Empower employees with a wide array of skills
  • Boost employee productivity and engagement
  • Cultivate a connection between learning and business objectives
  • Shape and inform future L&D endeavors

About Mind Tools for Business

With 25 years experience in digital learning, Mind Tools for Business, by Emerald Works, has grown and evolved with their sector and clients. Mind Tools for Business brings accessible, on-demand performance tools and resources that empower colleagues to perform in today’s progressive workplaces, helping them build happy and successful careers and to contribute positively to the success of organizations, the world over.

About the Emerald Group

Emerald is a group of brands, passionate about learning and empowering real change.

The group has evolved over the years into a dynamic, digital-first business employing over 500 people worldwide. All are driven by a common purpose to unlock talent and equip decision-makers with the evidence and tools to make smart choices and tackle real-world challenges. Emerald Publishing has its roots in academic research, founded in 1967, with a continuing ambition to change lives through learning.

Emerald Works shares the same pioneering spirit, as a leading digital first provider of workplace performance support tools and resources. We pursue our vision through our internationally recognised and respected product and service brand, Mind Tools; empowering people to thrive in today’s ever-changing workplaces.

Collectively, Emerald believes that competence and confidence leads to healthy professional relationships, inspiring cultures and thriving working communities. Growth, at work and in life, is what we’re passionate about and work hard to support.