Chicago – May 7, 2019 – Miller Heiman Group, the global leader in improving sales performance through training, technology, consulting and research, today announces plans to align the company’s regional Independent Distribution Partners (IDPs) under the Miller Heiman Group brand. These developments position the company to meet the growing demand for sales performance solutions worldwide.

Miller Heiman Group plans to more closely integrate the company’s regional partners in Argentina, Brazil, France, India, Italy, Mexico, the Middle East, South Africa, Spain and Sweden throughout the next 12 months. Four of these partners—India, Italy, Spain and Sweden—are already represented under the URL in native language. Additionally Scout, Miller Heiman Group’s sales analytics platform, supports French, German, Italian and Latin American Spanish languages.

According to President and CEO of Miller Heiman Group Byron Matthews, offering sales performance solutions on a regional level is driven by marketplace demand. “Today’s global sellers must manage intense competition and pricing pressures while they are simultaneously urged to decrease time spent out in the field,” he says. “These challenges require Miller Heiman Group, now more than ever, to partner with our clients locally to help them build world-class sales and service functions.”

Offering this breadth and depth of service, in region, was a challenge in the past; many of the IDPs sold only a limited number of Miller Heiman Group offerings. Now, each partner will be able to sell the entire Miller Heiman Group product portfolio in their local language, offering customers proprietary research, technology, consulting and training programs. This also means access to all the resources of the global organization, including more robust sales, marketing and customer service support.

Miller Heiman Group is making a difference for global sales organizations through these enhanced regional partnerships. Allen Mueller, chief revenue officer of Miller Heiman Group, explains, “For years, Miller Heiman Group has worked with trusted partners based in each of the local markets we serve. These partners began inquiring about how they could sell a wider portfolio of products, support a broader set of resources and expand their territories. By deepening these relationships, we now ensure that these sellers, and their clients, will receive what they need to achieve success now and in the future.”

The integration comes at an opportune time, according to Richard Hilton, managing director of the EMEA region for Miller Heiman Group. He says, “Miller Heiman Group’s regional growth, layered on top of our investment in technology and our established methodology, will help drive success for sellers across EMEA. This is of particular importance as many sales organizations in EMEA face an uncertain economic climate in a rapidly changing geopolitical environment.”

Tim MacCartney, managing director of the APAC region for Miller Heiman Group, adds, “Asia now accounts for nearly two-thirds of global economic growth, according to the International Monetary Fund. This expansion marks a pivotal step forward for Miller Heiman Group in helping organizations harvest the opportunity that awaits them in APAC.”

Following the successful launch of Scout and Strategic Selling with Perspective (the company’s updated core methodology) this past summer, this international advancement catapults Miller Heiman Group into a technology-driven global powerhouse. With the full weight of the company’s resources behind them, Miller Heiman Group sellers around the world now possess the tools to help clients deliver remarkable change while revolutionizing seller behavior.

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