HEMEL, Hempstead. – June 19, 2024 – Sales training company Mentor Group has launched a virtual reality (VR) training solution to aid the development of vital sales skills for their clients.

Research has found that VR training has a knowledge retention rate of 75%, which is higher compared to traditional learning methods, including lectures, reading, and audio-visual learning. This is due to VR’s ability to provide immersive and experiential learning environments that engage multiple senses and emotions.

The technology allows Mentor Group to create fully immersive virtual environments, allowing users to explore and interact with relatable sales scenarios by using either Mentor Group-owned wearable headsets or the client’s own headsets, or other compatible devices such as a desktop or laptop.

Businesses who adopt the VR training tool from Mentor Group will receive bespoke programmes that are individually tailored to address their needs. Scenarios, roleplaying activities and problem-solving tasks can be undertaken by the user in a risk-free environment, allowing them to practice skills and techniques outside of their standard client-facing situations.

Additionally, the VR solution can be delivered in 29 languages. It can also host synthetic media videos, an umbrella term for AI-generated video content, to help onboard newcomers to the solution, and scenarios can be ‘gamified’ to provide more impact within the training.

James Barton, Chief Solutions Officer, at Mentor Group, said: “It’s unsurprising to see that companies who have implemented VR technology are seeing the benefits meet or exceed their expectations.”

He adds: “This innovative technology enhances the sales process, delivering a more engaging and immersive experience for sellers. At Mentor Group, we are driven by our desire to empower what we call ‘sustainable selling’. Using our VR solution, we can build real customer scenarios for our clients, helping them achieve consistent and sustained revenue performance and ROI.”