Tampa, FL – November 2, 2017 – LiquidSMARTS is excited to introduce a scalable subscription-based sales skill micro-learning model, coaching services and royalty-free sales methodology that is easy to remember and utilize – helping sales and marketing professionals create more time and “sell well”.

Dr. Gunter Wessels explains, “We want to help sales professionals STOP wasting their time on expensive sales learning processes that don’t work, and take too much time to learn.” LiquidSMARTS reinforces their experience by offering free access to their downloadable sales process methodology.

“Our learning platform allows you consume, digest and repeat at your speed and within your schedule.”, shares Jennifer Bravo, LiquidSMARTS Chief Operating Officer. “We offer learning flexibility and speed with Multi-media learning options.” Their flexible learning platform enables sales professionals to choose the learning medium (podcasts, videos, online reading, etc.) convenient to wherever and whenever they need access – whether it be mobile or in-office.

LiquidSMARTS’ primary focus is help save time by quickly and effectively teaching critical Sales Soft Skills that conventional sales training and processes often don’t address – though dramatically impact sales cycle time. Their digital and SMARTS offering portfolio includes:

DealSMARTS℠ – a downloadable Forever Free-License Sales Process and learning guide
CustomSMARTS℠ – Consulting/Advisory Services – Advisory services related to business development, skill development and revenue growth.
OnTheGoSMARTS℠- On-demand online courses and blog
PromoteSMARTS℠- Marketing Advisory and Training related to client’s product line and how to go to market and increase their sales volume.
AssessMySMARTS℠ – As a partner with TTI Success Insights, on-demand downloadable self-assessments, to include coaching support and the ability to customize each report to target Executives, Management and Sales.

“Businesses realize they no longer afford to waste precious customer-facing time. Conventional classroom sales training is not delivering enough value. The shift to Micro-Learning here to stay.” Dr. Wessels consistent reinforces, “The only thing we can’t make more of is time…. So Sell Well “

LiquidSMARTS enables sales and marketing professionals and teams to quickly identify and close soft skill gaps that directly align performance goals. Services ranged from online on-demand self-directed multi-media micro-learning options to customized progressive virtual 1:1 and team coaching.

The LiquidSMARTS approach disrupts conventional sales methodology focus, and training approaches by quickly and effectively targeting individualized and team soft skill development. Their commitment holds strong in this belief, reinforced by providing a free sales methodology via royalty-free downloads. They reinforce that true learning value is in the discovering what you need, and accessing when you need it – and the ability to quickly apply your new skills.

Their sales tools and insight can be applied to any organization that utilizes marketing and sales to increase revenue and quickly correct performance deficiencies – accessible at https://www.LiquidSMARTS.com. Most learning content is presented in short-form, microlearning modules featuring video or audio content types to make it easily consumable for on-the-go professionals.

All LiquidSMARTS learning content is designed to capture learners’ attention quickly and keep it for the short period it lasts, leveraging accelerated micro-learning methods. “It was important that learners could acquire more knowledge and information quickly, saving time.” explains Dr. Gunter Wessels, Practice General Manager at LiquidSMARTS. “My learners want information – and they want it fast.”

The LiquidSMARTS team is helping to change the way sales and marketing teams learn, and how faster application their new skills can impact business development and revenue growth.

About LiquidSMARTS
LiquidSMARTS is a professional training and coaching company that focuses on skill-oriented micro-learning needed to increase organizations’ sales volume. LiquidSMARTS offers a scalable sales approach that can be used in any company that utilizes sales and marketing to increase revenue. Clients depend on LiquidSMARTS’ expertise to pinpoint deficits in their company and supply tools that will quickly correct performance deficiencies.

Learn more about LiquidSMARTS℠ by going their website https://www.LiquidSMARTS.com