NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Aug. 26, 2020 — The sales performance, coaching, and training innovator – Integrity Solutions – is equipping graduates of its landmark learning program – Integrity Selling® – with a new program of sustained virtual learning & coaching that deepens learning and speeds results.

That’s the idea behind Accelerate™, the new program of highly adaptable weekly virtual learning that provides fast, easily implemented, and effective content and coaching guides to reinforce key concepts and deepen learning on the job.

“We developed Accelerate to advance what people love about our core program, Integrity Selling, and to provide sales managers and reps with bite-size learning modules and guides on a regular basis,” said Mike Esterday, CEO of Integrity Solutions. “Accelerate is designed, in a sense, as a constant companion – providing regular tips and lessons to deepen learning and build results that people love with Integrity Selling,” he added.

Integrity Selling® is a comprehensive sales training solution with a foundation in strong values and ethics. It builds sales performance excellence by focusing on two essential components: proven selling skills to help sellers better understand, influence, and advance buying decisions; and the often-overlooked emotional factors that drive high achievement: attitude, motivation, and self-belief.

Accelerate builds on the wide popularity of Integrity Selling with weekly content over a six month period that equips sales leaders with highly engaging, actionable, and timely learning modules to reinforce key principles and develop skills in weekly increments of 20 minutes or less.

“Our goal with Accelerate is to help busy sales managers stay active in developing sales reps by providing them with specific coaching insights that help them grow and see real, measurable progress,” said Esterday.

Integrity Solutions focuses on training the whole person with a values-centered approach that develops both the skillset and mindset needed to equip sales teams to rise up and lead by building trusted customer relationships grounded in integrity.

The firm’s legacy spans more than 50 years, 130 countries and industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, energy and utilities, agriculture and more.

Integrity Solutions has been recognized with multiple Stevie Awards for sales training and consulting excellence in 2020 and 2019. Also, the firm has been named for the past three years to the lists of Top 20 sales training companies by Training Industry Inc and Selling Power magazine.

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