New York – August 14, 2018 – Imparta, a leading global provider of sales and service training, announces the appointment of Steve Lunz as EVP of Imparta, Inc. Steve is a prominent expert in the sales enablement and talent development industry and joins Imparta at a time of rapid growth. Steve’s mission is to drive Imparta’s focus on its US client base, accelerating Imparta’s position in the North American market in support of the company’s ambitious 2020 growth targets.

Richard Barkey, founder and CEO of Imparta and President of Imparta, Inc., observed that “the US sales training market is going through a turbulent time, with major players being sold and their actions being dominated by a venture capital agenda. In contrast, Imparta’s stable, private ownership allows us to focus exclusively on our clients. The market is ready for a new leader, and I’m committed to building on our solid client base in the US, with significant clients such as Intel, Cisco and WPP, to offer the market a genuine alternative. Steve Lunz is an exceptional leader and innovator in the learning industry, and I’m very excited that he will be leading our growth strategy in the US”.

Steve Lunz commented “There has been significant change in the sales enablement and sales training market, and I believe Imparta is extremely well positioned to set new standards for client outcomes. I joined Imparta for its world-class content, its innovative learning approaches, and its commitment to providing long-term behavior change and measurable outcomes for every client. Imparta’s IP is based on the largest behavioral research study ever conducted on what drives excellent sales performance, enhanced by years of ongoing research in the field and multi-million dollar investments in learning technology. I’m extremely excited to be leading Imparta’s growing team in the US.”

Steve will start his growth strategy with a campaign focusing on onboarding and reducing the break-even time for new sales starts. Organizations are moving away from classroom-based learning initiatives towards flexible learning platforms that salesforces can access in their own time. Imparta offers a proven, scalable solution in the cloud-based Virtual Sales Academy that builds on Imparta’s sales expertise and its position as the leading innovator in sales simulation technology.

Steve adds, “The Virtual Sales Academy allows learners to go on their own journey in partnership with their manager, developing cutting-edge skills in a proven methodology that will reduce their breakeven time and set them up for long-term success. It also significantly enhances the manager/salesperson coaching cadence and relationship. This further reduces speed to productivity, increases retention and employee engagement.”

About Imparta

Imparta improves its clients’ business performance in the areas of Sales, Sales through Service and Service, using highly practical and researched approaches and an integrated solution that goes well beyond simple training interventions. Imparta’s Capability Building® System combines assessment, training, coaching, application tools and impact measurement, using leading-edge technologies to create sustainable performance improvement.

With offices across the UK, Europe, the United States and Australia, Imparta has the capability to deliver face-to-face programs in multiple languages with local knowledge and experience. We are also a leading provider of blended learning and a pioneer in the field of business simulations, which power our award-winning Virtual Sales Academy®. Imparta’s global client base includes Intel, Cisco, Schindler, Trelleborg, Telefónica, Kingfisher and WPP.