London – June 24, 2017 – Leading global sales training provider Imparta has formally integrated The Procter Consultancy into the Imparta business. Procter’s comprehensive range of customer service training solutions and programmes will now be delivered though the Imparta brand.

Procter was acquired several years ago by Imparta, a global leader in sales training. Imparta’s deep knowledge of sales training and Procter’s service experience fit together naturally to create the ultimate customer-focused training organisation.

Since then, the companies have combined their resources and processes for delivering behavioural change and skills training into a unified approach. The pinnacle of this collaboration has been the development of our innovative Sales through Service curriculum. This brings together Imparta’s core sales methodology with Procter’s proven service conversation models.

Given these changes, it now makes sense for the companies to work under one sales and service brand – Imparta.

Richard Barkey, Imparta’s CEO and Founder, said, ‘Imparta offers a comprehensive, global training solution for companies who want to dramatically improve their business through superior sales and service performance. Integrating Procter has allowed us to reorganise our business to support the needs of our clients with three core training propositions: Sales, Sales through Service, and Service. Each of these customer-facing parts of the organisation plays a huge role in the value created for their customers and shareholders.’

Nigel Webb, Chief Product Officer for Imparta, said, ‘We are very proud of all that has been achieved by Procter over the years, and grateful to all the amazing clients we have worked with. While we allow ourselves a hint of nostalgia as the Procter name takes a back seat, we are excited about what we are able to offer our clients in the future. We will continue to provide the passion, commitment and customer-focused solutions that are synonymous with the Procter name.’

This integration has been executed to deliver exceptional performance across the customer-facing elements of any customer-focused organisation.

Imparta has developed a new website that reflects these changes.

About Imparta

Imparta improves its clients’ business performance in the areas of Sales and Service, using highly practical and researched approaches and an integrated solution that goes well beyond simple training interventions. Imparta’s Capability Building® System combines assessment, training, coaching, application tools and impact measurement, using leading-edge technologies to create sustainable performance improvement.

With offices across Europe, the United States and Australia, Imparta has the capability to deliver worldwide programmes in multiple languages with local knowledge and experience. Delivery of the Virtual Sales Academy® to a global audience has positioned Imparta as a leading blended learning provider as well as a pioneer in the field of business simulations. Clients include Intel, Cisco, Telefónica, Canon, Lonza and WPP.

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