Raleigh, NCAugust 25, 2017 – Training Industry, Inc. and Sales Performance International, Inc. have released a new research report investigating learner perceptions of sales training.

The study, exploring the data from 254 respondents across a range of industries, reveals several key findings, including:

  • Slightly more than one-third (39 percent) see their company’s sales training as consistently effective.
  • Learners rated on-the-job training as the most effective and impactful sales training modality.
  • Competency models, training programs and coaching programs were rated as the strategy areas most likely to be implemented effectively and to have the most impact on the job.

The full report, “Identifying Sales Training and Development Investments That Drive Learner Outcomes,” can be downloaded here.

“This study provides a better understanding of how a company structures its sales training practices around strategy, and the impact these practices ultimately have on salespeople,” said Tom Whelan, Ph.D., Training Industry, Inc.’s director of research.

“This research demonstrates that the performance gains to be had from a sales training program are driven by learners. The data suggest that the main drivers of how salespeople approach training were related to their belief in being able to learn before starting training, their ability to transfer knowledge and skills from training to the job, and the training-related feedback received from supervisors. As such, a sales training function needs to make informed decisions about how to reinforce strategy without losing sight of the challenges that often come from the motivation of salespeople, organizational culture, and a lack of urgency and support from leadership.”

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