Philadelphia – July 13, 2018 – Guru, the AI-powered Revenue Empowerment Network, today announced its latest set of features designed to empower revenue teams by serving them the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

Today, knowledge within most organizations resides in silos, by department or by region, and is often inaccurate or out of date. Worse, the most important knowledge is often inside people’s heads, in endless documents sent via email, or in corporate intranets and wikis. It is no surprise that a joint IDC and McKinsey study concludes that the average knowledge worker spends nearly 20 percent of their time searching for internal knowledge. Guru reduces this wasted time by up to 80 percent.

“At Intercom, we’re growing fast, selling and supporting a number of products into a number of different verticals to increasingly larger and larger customers. This results in a daunting amount of information and knowledge to organize,” said Tom Foley, manager of global sales and customer support enablement at Intercom. “Guru helps our sales and support teams quickly access this knowledge and empowers our entire revenue team to deliver amazing, personalized, and consistent experiences to our customers at every stage of the customer journey.”

What differentiates Guru is that it is embedded within the web browser and integrates with the solutions where revenue teams spend most of their time, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, and Intercom. This combination helps modern revenue teams — including support teams, customer success teams, and sales teams — deliver world-class customer experiences.

Guru’s AI-powered innovations

The latest version of Guru further empowers revenue teams to work smarter, engage more effectively with their customers, and drive revenue. Whether it’s a support agent on a live chat with a frustrated customer, a customer success manager educating a key customer on new features, or a sales executive defusing competitive landmines to win a big deal, Guru’s latest innovations can help.

  • AI Suggest serves up the right knowledge to users when they need it, right inside their web browser, eliminating the need to search. AI Suggest also improves over time as it understands an individual user’s patterns, an organization’s patterns, and the global community’s usage patterns, making every piece of knowledge served across Guru’s network more relevant and useful every day.
  • Sync enables Guru customers to unify all other stores of siloed knowledge inside Guru. Whether knowledge is created natively within Guru, or held in a wiki, intranet, or web-based application, users can seamlessly sync their organization’s existing internal and external knowledge bases. All knowledge now becomes easily accessible, allowing teams to stop wasting time and instead focus on creating delightful customer experiences.
  • Impact Analytics helps knowledge managers and revenue team leaders to understand, at a very granular level, when and how knowledge is used across their organizations, allowing them to spot trends, gaps, and opportunities for their teams to work smarter.

“We all remember that sinking feeling when the knowledge we need plays hard-to-get,” said Rick Nucci, co-founder and CEO, Guru. “We believe that the knowledge you need to do your job should find you, all the time. With our newly announced capabilities, we are flipping traditional knowledge management on its head, and empowering revenue teams to deliver delightful customer experiences, which drives revenue and customer advocacy.”

About Guru

Guru is the AI-powered Revenue Empowerment Network behind the next generation of knowledge workers in customer support, customer success, sales, and other revenue functions. With hundreds of customers including leading enterprises such as Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), Square (NYSE:SQ), and Yext (NYSE:YEXT), Guru is reshaping the way teams create, find, and share institutional knowledge to deliver delightful customer experiences. Founded by enterprise software veterans Rick Nucci and Mitchell Stewart, Guru has offices in Philadelphia PA, and San Francisco CA, and is backed by leading venture capital firms Emergence Capital and FirstMark Capital, with additional funding from the Slack Fund and Michael Dell. Learn more at or follow @Guru_HQ on Twitter.