Cambridge, MA – October 18, 2018 – Global Partners LLC, dba Global Partners Training (GPT), a customer relationship change management company serving large multi-national technology, healthcare and industrial companies in more than 40 countries, has received a private investment intended to support its continued global growth.  The investment is earmarked for the development of new products, including digital products and services to complement the company’s proven experiential instructor-led training (ILT) programs. In addition, the investment provides funding to expand Global Partners’ global delivery capabilities. Launched today was the company’s new website,, which will ultimately serve as a gateway for learning and support for current clients, participants and program certified users.

Making the investment and spearheading digital initiatives is GPT’s new Partner, Ozzie Ayscue, a Boston- and San Francisco-based growth-oriented investor and executive with expertise bringing businesses into the digital age, a transition he has led successfully for companies in a variety of B2B and consumer industries.

Says Paul Hesselschwerdt, Cambridge, MA-based Partner at Global Partners Training, “We are thrilled to have this investment and Ozzie’s expertise to help take our company to the next level. Despite the industrywide decline in instructor-led training over the past 10 years, GPT has actually experienced terrific organic growth. Our flagship programs, Total Customer Focus™ and Value Recognition™, target crucial skill sets and are architected to yield permanent behavior change linked to measurable business results. New digital/mobile capabilities will bring more efficiency to our program delivery as well as heightened effectiveness for learning and reinforcement modules. We are always striving to maintain our leadership in global customer relationship training.”

Global Partners Training serves top technology companies, such as ASML, GE Healthcare, Lam Research, Nokia and Coherent, on a worldwide basis, and with facilitation done in local languages by local or regional GPT-certified instructors.

“I am most excited about GPT’s team of facilitators”, commented Ayscue. “It is rare to find such a dedicated group of experienced business people, serious about the company’s mission of transforming business relationships and committed to practicing what they teach. We are developing and deploying complex training programs across the oceans and in many different cultures. Yet not only are GPT’s internal communications healthy and open, our facilitators are extraordinarily adept at connecting with clients and participants and making sure they get the promised benefits of their training. It is really just a fun and engaged community of educators and smart business people.”

Fabrizio Battaglia, GPT’s Milan, Italy-based Partner, said, “I can’t agree more with Paul and Ozzie. Our team is committed to helping our clients and individual participants achieve their goals and delivering great training value, and so I am particularly interested in the use of blended solutions for training and reinforcement. Our programs are proven effective, and we can make them better. We are starting to roll out our Value Recognition™ program and we expect the additional financial resources and digital capabilities to accelerate that process.”

According to recent research conducted by the Technology Services Industry Association, technology customers are increasingly demanding that suppliers not simply sell and service hardware and software solutions, but rather that they act like business partners with their (the customer’s) best interests at heart. Says Hesselschwerdt, “Our clients are facing an increasingly competitive marketplace, and while they are able to some extent to differentiate themselves with their technologies, service behaviors are rapidly coming to the forefront in determining who customers want to keep working with. Customers don’t like being trapped by technology. They want empathetic, reliable, intelligent and helpful interactions at every touch point, from sales to implementation to service. The top suppliers are figuring out how to deliver this through their global surfaces of contact.”

Fabrizio continued, “What Global Partners Training does can be absolute magic. You can observe it in the workshops when a field engineer experiences an ‘Aha moment’ and takes new relationship confidence into the field, and you can read it in the final case studies that participants prepare after applying and iterating their new skills on the job for several months. We are very excited, not just about transforming the business relationships of our participants, but also about taking leadership in the training industry as we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.”

About Global Partners Training:

Global Partners Training (Global Partners LLC, NH) is a customer relationship change management company based in Cambridge, MA, USA. The company delivers customized, experiential, outcome-measured programs facilitated globally in local languages by seasoned technology and training executives. Programs are based on GPT’s turnkey solutions, Total Customer Focus™, Value Recognition™ and Strategic Account Alignment™, and are proven to increase revenue opportunities, reduce costs and add value to service customers. Training has been conducted in over 40 countries, and GPT serves the following industry-leading companies on multiple continents: ASML, GE Healthcare, Lam Research, Nokia, Coherent and others.