LAS VEGAS – July 10, 2024 – FUEL !nc, the first performance-as-a-service platform, today announced the launch of its digital video library of performance instruction and analytics for sales teams and executives.

For too long, sales-driven organizations have settled for mediocre performance – over 90% of sales teams missed their targets in 2023. Most leaders attend a seminar once a year, then lack the tools and accountability mechanisms to apply learnings and follow-through on goals. Inspired by the professional sports model, bestselling author Todd Duncan and serial entrepreneur Alex Kutsishin co-founded FUEL !nc to redefine performance standards for sales.

“Professional athletes get paid to be the best version of themselves – imagine how much stronger businesses would be if sales teams achieved the same continuous performance improvement,” said Alex Kutsishin, co-founder and CEO of FUEL !nc. “With the launch of FUEL !nc, we’re excited to bring a paradigm shift to sales – putting joyful accountability at the center of business practices,” added Co-Founder Todd Duncan.

FUEL !nc offers sales teams, entrepreneurs and leaders unparalleled performance empowerment resources, including:

  • Instruction from the best in business: FUEL !nc’s performance instructors have served every Fortune 500 company in the past 30 years and are world-renowned speakers, authors and entrepreneurs – including Brian Tracy, Anne O’Neil, Gloria Mayfield Banks and Jim Cathcart.
  • Personalized, AI-enhanced microlearning content: New courses are released weekly, on topics including conversion tactics, prospecting strategies, best follow-up approaches, team building, time management, referral strategies, creative problem solving and more. FUEL !nc’s digital twin technology enables learners to watch video content in 100 languages.
  • Daily performance analytics: Using FUEL !nc’s team performance dashboard, leaders can track hourly rate and income growth performance across their entire sales team (including sales leaders) and monitor performance trends in real-time – at no additional cost.
  • Goal-driven curriculum: Leaders can set performance goals for their organization, and FUEL !nc will build learners a customized curriculum tailored to those goals.

“It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to share insights from my 30 years of studying personal and professional development with an even wider audience,” said Brian Tracy, performance instructor at FUEL !nc and leading motivational speaker. “FUEL !nc has built a platform that makes sales training accessible, relevant and engaging for every type of learner.”

FUEL !nc is democratizing sales education with its low-barrier approach. The company is offering early adopters discounted pricing, with a 90-day money-back guarantee to try the platform risk-free. FUEL !nc’s onboarding process removes the pain points of implementation, with no personal information or arduous procurement procedures needed. Customers benefit from unmatched time to value, gaining unlimited access to the library in just 90-seconds.

To see how FUEL !nc’s platform can elevate your team’s performance, sign up for a founder-led virtual tour at

About FUEL !nc

FUEL !nc helps companies build better performance by redefining business education and performance standards for sales teams and leadership. It offers a robust digital video library of sales performance instruction, with new courses from over 85 industry experts added weekly. Learn more at