Arlington, VA – June 26, 2019 – ExecVision, the only conversation intelligence platform purpose-built for driving behavior change, today unveiled Coaching Plans, enabling sales managers and leaders to have a single system of accountability for changing rep behavior. This new capability expands the platform’s value to include next-generation coaching, adding to its award-winning functionality that facilitates peer-to-peer coaching, sharing of best practices and collaboration amongst teams.

Coaching Plans are a logical progression of ExecVision’s capabilities. The platform ingests, transcribes, and analyzes call and web conference recordings to surface actionable data about rep behavior during conversations. Coaching Plans introduce a new layer of how conversation data is applied to driving performance improvement.

This new functionality was built around a methodology developed by Co-Founders David Stillman and Steve Richardover their 15+ years of onboarding and training new salespeople. This methodology accounts for the neuroscience behind adult behavior change, which is often missing from coaching and training programs. Following the American Psychological Association’s recommendation that training should focus on changing only one behavior at a time,1ExecVision’s Coaching Plans were designed to facilitate maximum efficacy.

“Coaching Plans were designed with our end users in mind–the reps and their managers. Sweeping mandates from leadership don’t create rep buy-in and leave more tenured people frustrated. This bottom-up approach of creating plans where they’re needed and tailoring them to individuals and groups optimizes how managers spend their time coaching,” Steve Richard, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist shared.

Coaching Plans help organizations create more A-players by highlighting skills and behaviors that reps could improve and empowering managers to create cadences designed to help those reps shift their performance bell curves. Reps and managers can track their progress throughout the plan to ensure they stay on course.

“It’s hard enough for managers to find the time to coach, let alone create and follow a consistent coaching plan. Adding this to our platform saves managers time while making sure reps get the coaching they need to be successful,” said David Stillman, CEO and Co-Founder of ExecVision. He continued, “Coaching Plans provide a level of accountability and consistency throughout the org chart that no one has seen before.”

“Before ExecVision Coaching Plans, my managers kept track of coaching plans via calendar invitations and spreadsheets. There was limited visibility into who was coaching who, what they were coaching on, the calls they were using to coach, or how it impacted performance. That has all changed. My managers are more effective coaches and know exactly how to get the biggest business impact for the coaching calories they burn. I can easily see what’s happening to hold the line on consistency and accountability,” stated ExecVision customer Martin Roth, VP of Revenue at Levelset.

Coaching Plans are just one part of the greater mission of ExecVision: creating more top performers, cutting onboarding times in half, reducing attrition rates, decreasing cancellations, and getting reps better. ExecVision has helped thousands of people have better conversations with prospects and customers leading to increased revenue and higher rep retention.

About ExecVision

Located outside of Washington DC, ExecVision is a leader in the conversation intelligence space, designed to help leaders of customer-facing teams drive behavior change at scale. Our technology analyzes existing call and web conference recordings by leveraging AI and machine learning to unlock actionable data from these conversations. For more information, please visit

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