RENO, Nev. — April 18, 2022 — Leading consulting and training companies Corporate Visions and DSG are coming together to provide an expanded set of Revenue Growth Services to improve B2B commercial execution, the two firms announced today.

“Transforming marketing, sales, and customer success teams into a modern, integrated revenue growth engine requires a new playbook,” says Erik Peterson, Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Visions. “One that is customized to your company and based on research-backed approaches that have been tested and proven to help you win where it counts — in customer conversations. That’s the promise behind our merger with DSG.”

“Both organizations are dedicated to turning your growth initiatives into positive commercial outcomes, but we do it in ways that are highly complementary and necessary,” says Matt McClendon, Chief Executive Officer at DSG. “We’ve focused on providing custom, interactive video-based playbooks that drive change across your teams, and Corporate Visions has developed science-backed IP for enabling stories and skills that drive buyer decisions.”

Together, the two firms serve nearly 350 of the most successful B2B enterprises each year. They equip and enable more than 100,000 marketing, sales, and customer success professionals with the messaging, content, skills, process, and leadership tools tailored to their acquisition, retention, and expansion goals.

“Revenue Growth Services help you propel your strategic initiatives. You won’t get that by adding another piece of technology, applying another generic sales process, or continuing to run disjointed commercial teams,” Peterson adds. “You can only get it by activating your strategy at speed and scale and creating a commercial engine that produces documented and repeatable results.”

About Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is the leading provider of science-backed training and consulting services for sales, marketing, and customer success. Global B2B companies work with Corporate Visions to articulate value and promote growth in three ways:

Make Value Situational by distinguishing your commercial programs between customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.

Make Value Specific by creating and delivering customer conversations that communicate concrete value, change behavior, and motivate buying decisions.

Make Value Systematic by equipping your commercial engine to deliver consistent and persistent touches across the entire Customer Deciding Journey.