Waltham, MA and San Francisco – October 22, 2018 – Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, and Playboox, a sales enablement consultancy and software company, today announced a strategic partnership. With the companies’ combined capabilities and expertise, enterprise sales organizations can expedite and improve sales team readiness, drive performance gains and accelerate the impact of their sales enablement initiatives.

A Value-Add Partner in Brainshark’s partner ecosystem, Playboox offers consulting services and software that complement Brainshark’s full suite of sales training, coaching, content creation and analytics solutions. Playboox helps companies design, develop and deploy sales enablement systems and programs – so salespeople can maximize every opportunity. In addition, with the Playboox Playmaker native-Salesforce application for sales process execution, reps and managers receive guidance at each stage of the sales cycle on how to most effectively assess and advance leads and opportunities.

From a technology perspective, the combination of Brainshark’s sales readiness solutions and Playboox’s sales playbook software creates an ideal “productivity engine” within the sales enablement technology stack. Together, the systems enable reps to rapidly learn, practice and master sales knowledge and skills – and then immediately apply them to manage specific leads and opportunities within Salesforce.

“Through our combined efforts with Brainshark, sales leaders can systematize and automate the best way to sell within their sales organization – based on what their reps need to know, say, ask, do and use throughout the sales cycle,” said Daniel Zamudio, founder and CEO, Playboox. “We’re delighted to work with Brainshark to offer these important capabilities and help more companies achieve repeatable sales success.”

Greg Flynn, Brainshark CEO, said: “With our award-winning technology and Playboox’s best-in-class services for sales process execution, organizations can power scalable and results-driven sales enablement programs, and enable their reps to sell faster and better. This partnership gives joint customers access to two powerful and complementary solutions, so they can drive rapid onboarding, ongoing field readiness and coaching effectiveness, and – most importantly – close more deals.”

About Playboox

Playboox is a Sales Enablement consultancy and software company. The company specializes in developing and delivering customized sales process playbooks powered by technology. It is the only Sales Enablement software vendor to offer a native-Salesforce.com sales process playbook application that enables reps and managers to instantly access and consistently apply deal, conversation, and forecast management best practices and tools at each stage of the sales process to assess and advance specific leads and opportunities. With Playboox, Sales Enablement leaders can easily build and maintain a library of sales process playbooks customized by vertical markets, market segments, or product categories. For more information, please visit www.playboox.com.

About Brainshark

Brainshark sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching and content needed to prepare salespeople when, where and how they work. With Brainshark, companies can: enable sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed; validate readiness with sales coaching and practice that ensures reps master your message; and empower sales organizations with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere. Thousands of companies – including more than half of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark to identify and close performance gaps, and get better results from their sales enablement initiatives. Learn more at www.brainshark.com.