SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 13, 2021 — Atrium, the proactive data-driven sales management platform that empowers sales managers to improve team performance, today announced a new integration with Gong that provides automated analytics and insights for data-driven rep coaching. With the new integration, Atrium gives sales managers visibility into rep call behaviors, surfaces problem areas, and suggests actions for improving performance.

Rep coaching and development is a huge lever in driving sales performance. Yet, as Gartner reports, managers spend less than 10% of their time actually coaching and developing their teams.

Managers are simply not equipped with the right tools to deliver effective, data-driven coaching. They are left to manually cobble together and analyze a picture of rep performance by going dashboard diving across CRM, sales engagement, revenue intelligence, and other sales tools that capture this data.

“Sales managers and leaders risk being blindsided by performance shortfalls because they don’t have the visibility into key rep behaviors and activities — especially in a distributed sales environment,” said Jason Heidema, co-founder and CEO at Atrium. “With the new integration with Gong, Atrium shines a light on call behaviors and activities that need to be fixed and proactively recommends remediation actions.”

“Front-line sales (and sales development) managers are the unsung heroes of sales teams. We’re excited to partner with Atrium and empower managers with the KPIs and metrics they need to coach and develop their teams more effectively,” said Eilon Reshef, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Gong.

“My job is to empower my managers to run their business in a modern, data-driven fashion,” said Marilyn Valace, VP of Sales at Impact. “With Atrium and Gong together, I know my managers are on top of their rep activity goals and are proactively coaching their teams using data rather than relying on just intuition.”

“With a distributed sales team, it’s no longer possible to manage by walking around,” said Eric Martin, head of sales at Vanta. “Atrium and Gong together help me to stay on top of my reps’ activity and pipeline goals and provide the insights I need to deliver more effective rep coaching.”

The new integration is immediately available to all customers of the Atrium Data-Driven Sales Management Platform and tracks new KPIs and metrics using native call data in Gong for measuring and tracking call behaviors such as:

  • Talk Ratio
  • Interactivity
  • Longest Monologue
  • Patience
  • Question Rate
  • Keyword / Phrase Trackers

Just like the dozens of other KPIs and metrics provided in Atrium, customers can set goals on these metrics (at the rep and team level), automatically track trends and anomalies in performance (compared to historical and peer performance), and quickly link directly to Gong to review the underlying call.

About Atrium

Atrium provides a Data-Driven Sales Management platform that empowers sales managers to improve team performance. 150+ sales teams at leading companies like Figma, SalesLoft, LaunchDarkly, SaasOptics, etc. use the dashboards, insights and alerts in the Atrium platform to hit their sales productivity and revenue goals. The company is based in San Francisco and has raised $13M in funding to date from leading venture capitalists including Bonfire Ventures, Bullpen Capital, Charles River Ventures and First Round Capital.