ATLANTA — May 7, 2020 — ASLAN® Training and Development, a top 20 sales training company based in Atlanta, announced today the launch of its newly redesigned Other-Centered® Selling (OCS) Online training program. After more than twenty years at the forefront of sales training thought leadership, for the first time, ASLAN is taking its Other-Centered® Selling course online.

ASLAN’s new offer delivers on the promise that “we are never more fulfilled than when we serve others,” says Scott Cassidy, Vice President of Marketing. Other-Centered® Selling has helped more than 100,000 salespeople over the past two decades, but until now it has been only available to companies from SMB to larger Enterprises.

The predecessor to the OCS Online Sales Program has been available to ASLAN’s core clients as a reinforcement tool for many years. However, this program has been updated to help anyone that must influence or persuade others as part of their job. In other words, it’s for everyone. Now, for a very low price point, anyone can get to know the principles and capabilities by exploring ASLAN’s training through five unique modules. Each module builds on the one that came before it, starting with Foundation.

These modules have proven to drive amazing results at companies like FedEx, Cisco, HP, AFLAC and MetLife, among many others. “I have been exposed to many different sales training programs. This is a unique program; it has the human factor included that makes me want to apply it immediately,” said one recent participant.

Co-founder and CEO Tom Stanfill of ASLAN Training says, “We wanted to introduce a product designed to help anyone, whether they are a seller who is not provided opportunities for training by their company but needs to sharpen their skills or maybe they are a small business owner. Either way, they may want to learn to sell, and perhaps more importantly, influence others through a very different approach.”

According to a recent survey at Find Courses, sellers are looking for online learning for many reasons. 49% of respondents said they have more time for learning now while 39% believe it makes them a more valuable employee. Interestingly, a large percentage also mentioned that using this time for training helps improve their resume, indicating that many are preparing to switch careers or are in an active job search.

The program is available immediately and is currently being offered at a 50% discount to support those on the front lines of selling during the pandemic. In addition to the Online program itself, we are offering the ASLAN OCS® Capabilities Assessment and the ASLAN OCS® Developmental Activities Toolkit for sustainable learning. “We are a company that has always given back,” says Tom Stanfill. “We have been teaching this for a long time and have had a lot of success helping clients improve on their selling metrics. We simply believe now is the time to make our content available to anyone that needs it. It’s a new world and we truly believe we are all in this together. I hope we can help as many sales professionals as possible with this new offer.”


Founded in 1996 by Tom Stanfill and Tab Norris, ASLAN Training and Development is an Atlanta-based top sales training company with seven consecutive years in the Selling Power Top 20. With over 100,000 sales representatives trained in over 33 countries worldwide, ASLAN’s unique approach provides sales coaching and training through assessment, preparation, and transformation that leads to increased sales revenue and optimal sales team performance. Visit our website for more information, or contact us directly by emailing or by calling 770-690-9616.