SEATTLE — Dec. 9, 2020 — Voodle, the asynchronous short video platform purpose-built for remote teams and the new workplace, today announced it has closed $6 million in funding led by Madrona Venture Group and Vulcan Capital with participation from M12, Cisco Investments and Hearst Ventures. The investment will be used to drive product innovation and expand Voodle’s headcount – including executive leadership, sales, marketing, and engineering – as well as grow native customer segments, including the support for key tech industry roles, such as management, sales, customer relations, human resources and more.

With Zoom fatigue and Slack overload becoming serious issues for today’s remote workers, Voodle introduces a new way to collaborate by providing a smart alternative for all the times a quick 60-second video – shared with the right people – works better than yet another time-consuming video conference call or the avalanche of instant messages that often bury effective communication. Using the Voodle platform across web, iOS and Android – or by integrating Voodle with other popular work platforms such as Slack, Salesforce or Hubspot – teams can quickly capture and share short video updates, insights and ideas that uniquely convey a sense of context and emotion. According to The Remote Work Report published by GitLab, 35% of employees report that collaborating with colleagues and clients is a major challenge of working remotely. Similarly, a report from Atlassian Corp., Reworking Work: Understanding The Rise of Work Anywhere, found that at-home workers believe it is now more important to effectively communicate with others in their company (46%) and act with empathy and care for others in their company (45%). Since its launch in June, Voodle has quickly gained traction with tech startup customers such as Mystery, Leasable, Killer Visual Strategies, Loopie and others that have worked to enhance team alignment and engagement throughout the pandemic.

“The shift to remote work is here to stay, and the new workplace requires tools that can shrink the distance between colleagues, foster an inclusive culture, and keep teams happy and productive,” said Forest Key, CEO and Founder at Voodle. “Voodle checks all of these boxes and more. Asynchronous short video is the perfect solution for fostering team collaboration and cohesiveness, for motivating and inspiring others, and moving business decisions along further, faster. It allows colleagues to inform and update as often as needed, without interrupting or adding more cycles.”

“The future of work requires async short video,” said Tim Porter, Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group. “Zoom fatigue is a very real thing today’s remote workforce must manage and Voodle helps mitigate some of the burden – and burnout – created by trying to force former office life rhythms into endless hours of video conference calls. We see Voodle as a new business tool that’s effortlessly integrated into the everyday workflow. It’s simple and effective – but, as importantly, it’s also fun to use.”

In September, Voodle introduced a free stand alone web application and added support for Android devices, making it compatible with all major mobile platforms. Voodle has also enhanced key features, including AI-powered search capability, allowing team members to instantly discover and respond to relevant business conversations, information and insights. Voodle will continue to reimagine and innovate the future of work communication, bringing new team collaboration features to market, such as conversation threading and structures, highlights and summaries, and smart ways for managers to keep up with employee and team sentiment.

“Today’s workplace demands a tech stack that includes tools that allow people to collaborate, while not sacrificing productivity,” said Stuart Nagae, Director at Vulcan Capital. “Voodle addresses many of the shortcomings that have plagued remote work collaboration to this point, and ushers in an important channel for bringing teams back together – almost as if they were still in the same office.”

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About Voodle

Voodle is the short video app for business. Teams use Voodle to capture, share and discover important business moments as they happen. It’s the fastest and most effective way to connect teams with information that drives alignment and action across the organization in a human way.

Voodle is the future of work. Help your team quickly share and discover important information so they can make more informed decisions faster, no matter where they work–home, office, or on the road.