NEW YORK and TEL AVIV — March 16, 2020 — Centrical, provider of the holistic employee engagement and real-time performance management platform for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Novartis, and Unilever, today announced the Centrical for Business Continuity & Remote Work solution. In response to a growing need from its customers, the company brought it to market rapidly to help them, and other companies, deal with having employees work from home due to the health threat posed by COVID-19 as well as the impact it is having on their daily operations and overall performance.

“This global crisis demands swift and purposeful action,” said Gal Rimon, Centrical’s Founder & CEO. “And that is why all of us at Centrical worked tirelessly to bring to market a solution that will let companies manage business volatility, lessen employees’ sense of isolation, and keep them on track while they work from home. Centrical for Business Continuity & Remote Work lets large companies provide heightened agility, better engagement and communications as well as keeping everyone focused on what’s important.”

The new Centrical solution comes with a QuickStart package that can be up and running in just one week. It is designed to have an immediate impact on an organization. The elements include:

  • Engagement to connect and focus employees working remotely and those still at the office;
  • Enable real-time, bi-directional, closed-loop communications allowing managers to track voice-of-the-employee, performance issues, and gaps;
  • Create fast-track, on-the-job retraining programs; and,
  • Keep employees on target with real-time performance tracking.

Business Today is Volatile.

Gain Needed Agility, Control.  

The magnitude of change brought on by COVID-19 includes things like shifts in employees’ focus from sales to service, from customer acquisition to retention. That means workload and roles need to change. To do that, the solution gives organizations the agility to institute reskilling and support role changes quickly and effectively. In addition, there may be a need to hire personnel, even on a temporary basis, requiring a swift onboarding process. The solution speeds the time to proficiency. For existing employees, particularly those working from home, the solution allows for continuous communications, so all understand the organization’s goals and why, if they change, the rationale and what individuals need to do.

Employees Feel Anxious, Isolated.

Be Able to Communicate Frequently, Personally.

Regardless of where employees are working – in the office, at home, in places around the world – the need to communicate, to engage, and re-assure employees is paramount. The Centrical solution lets a company, managers, and team members send personalized, segmented, and classified content to the right employees at the right time on any device. No matter how far apart former office colleagues might now be, the solution creates cohesiveness and inclusiveness. Beyond that, it motivates employees to excel by transparently sharing daily goals and real-time progress as well as recognition for achievements. This is also done in an engaging, fun way with Centrical’s advanced gamification, the process of using game-mechanics to effect desired workplace behaviors in a positive, inviting way.

Besides the need to eliminate the sense of isolation that comes from separation from employees’ familiar workplaces or a stress creator like the pandemic, employees need to be made aware of their progress to motivate and focus. The Centrical solution offers a real-time “voice of the employee” monitoring capability for team leaders. To make that even more beneficial, it is bi-directional, providing closed-loop communications to help ensure that relevant knowledge is properly consumed and applied.

Routines Disrupted.

Maintain Learning, Performance.

Classroom-based or off-site training sessions held at a company conference center are out of the question during today’s health crisis. Whether it is basic training for the newly hired or upskilling for employees in new roles, learning activities must continue now but in a digital environment. The Centrical solution lets organizations utilize its personalized microlearning to keep knowledge and skill levels where they need to be. Microlearning, the method of providing bursts of bite-sized learning content for easy absorption and adoption, can be conducted from an employee’s mobile phone or laptop computer in the flow of their work.

The solution’s mobility also allows for team routines to be maintained, like daily check-ins, collaborations, even fun competitions to boost team spirit. During the times we now find ourselves, routines may change suddenly. Mobility allows companies to communicate those changes with text, audio or video.

The QuickStart Centrical Business Continuity & Remote Work solution is currently available. It is offered without fees for integration or onboarding. In addition, reduced license and administration costs are being offered as well as flexible roll-out schedules across locations and departments. To learn more about how it can help your company now, visit, call +1-800 538 4263 (U.S.) or +44 20 3318 6424 (UK) or email

About Centrical
Centrical employee engagement and performance management solutions help companies motivate employees to exceed their own KPIs. It does this by blending advanced gamification with personalized microlearning and real-time employee performance management. Centrical’s platform produces improvements like +12% employee productivity, +20% average deal values, +30% faster onboarding, and +12% customer satisfaction KPI for multinational enterprises like Microsoft, Novartis, Synchrony Financial, Teleperformance, and Unilever among others. Centrical’s technology platform can be easily integrated with all leading enterprise systems. The company has offices in New York, and Ra’anana, Israel. For more information please visit