ATLANTA — Feb. 16, 2022 — Speakeasy, Inc., the leading global consulting firm focused on professional communication development, today announced the introduction of MessageQUEST, a scalable content development learning tool that’s offered as part of the recently launched SpeakeasyDIGITAL platform. The training program, delivered asynchronously, is designed to help working professionals transform traditionally informational content into truly motivational communication that drives actions and meaningful business results.

Piloted by EY, MessageQUEST employs the same learning strategies that have driven Speakeasy’s flagship in-person and virtual training programs for the past 49 years. In MessageQUEST, the concepts are applied digitally through intentionally generic exercises; then the user is given opportunities to apply these concepts to his or her own content. MessageQUEST represents a paradigm shift that requires organizations and their teams to learn the profound implications of what they’re trying to communicate to whom, and to design communication strategies in a way that produces a desired and actionable outcome.

“Almost everyone in business mistakes a presentation deck for communication strategy. They’re not the same at all. A presentation deck is support when it’s warranted, but the first step is to learn how to create great communication strategy that assures the outcome you’re seeking. MessageQUEST draws a line in the sand and marks the end of information dumping,” explained Scott Weiss, Speakeasy’s CEO of nearly three decades. “Only after you develop a powerful message that motivates actions, not just informs, can you begin to consider things like slides, storytelling and white boarding. The communication strategy is the foundational first step.”

As part of the SpeakeasyDIGITAL platform, MessageQUEST is a cutting-edge application of digital learning that is extraordinarily efficient and can be cost-effectively deployed at scale to large populations of employees across any enterprise, regardless of geography. And in spite of the self-guided nature of MessageQUEST, users always have the ability to ask questions and engage in conversations with other participants and facilitators through built-in communication cafés and communities. The experience is highly customizable based on an organization’s needs.

“The ability to deploy MessageQUEST at scale was a purposeful decision. Once an organization recognizes how effective communication strategies can drive actionable business outcomes, both internally and externally, it’s a game changer,” added Weiss.

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