NEW DELHI, India — June 2, 2023 — Simplilearn, the world’s leading online bootcamp for digital skilling training, announced the introduction of live sessions and a self-paced module on the latest AI trends such as Generative AI, ChatGPT, Explainable AI, etc., into its AI and ML programs. These offerings will help learners get a holistic understanding of these latest technological developments. This introduction aims to assist learners in acquiring knowledge on the potential of Generative AI and its relevance in the industry. This module is integrated as part of all three AI programs (listed below) and will cover the introduction to ChatGPT and the different use cases of this trending chatbot in improving productivity across application areas. The learners enrolling in Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning and Professional Certificate Course in AI and Machine Learning will also get access to live sessions by industry experts on Generative AI and ChatGPT applications.

Accenture’s “AI for everyone” report states, “42 percent of companies want to make a large investment in ChatGPT in 2023.” These latest technologies are garnering a lot of interest from businesses across industries and hold relevance for companies in functions like compiling research, content generation, coding, ideation, process automation, and improving customer experience and efficiency. The Simplilearn programs in which these modules are integrated are:

    • Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning
    • Professional Certificate Course in AI and Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

In each of the above, learners will be able to understand some of these trending AI topics at no additional cost and will ensure application-based upskilling for the learners. Commenting on the same, Mr. Krishna Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Simplilearn, said, “Given the sheer buzz and impact made by Generative AI and ChatGPT in the age of frontier technologies, it is essential for AI/ML aspirants to understand the tool and its applications to keep pace with global advancements. The self-paced module, along with the live sessions, will enable learners to gain a holistic understanding of the Generative AI landscape and applications of this trending technology. With this, we hope to bring more value to our learners and help them understand some of the applications of this latest AI trend.”

Simplilearn is committed to providing high-quality digital economy upskilling to all learners and hence designs well-thought-out, industry-relevant programs equipped with modules on current trends to boost the overall learner experience on the platform.