NEW YORK — May 6, 2020 — Mogul provides over 450 organizations around the world with tools and resources to achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful success, making the impossible possible. The organization is committing to ensuring that companies worldwide and their employees realize their full potential in these times of economic hardship by leveraging Mogul’s Transition Platform.

Mogul’s Transition Platform takes on a multi-faceted, virtual approach that provides support throughout a transitioning employee’s journey into their next job.

  • Step One: Community. Transitioning talent is invited to join the Mogul community to gain support, advice, and most importantly, discover networking opportunities.
  • Step Two: Opportunities. Upon building out their professional profile on Mogul, talent begins receiving tailored job opportunities aligned to their profile information, from over 400 employers looking to hire immediately.
  • Step Three: Learning. Online classes and training taught by notable CEOs, entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and top experts help advance your alumni with their professional skills.
  • Step Four: Professional Development Events. Transitioning talent is invited to career-centric, virtual events to gain access to coaching, training, and development, as well as to engage with our hiring partners and their job opportunities.

The Mogul Transition Platform is ever-valuable to employers making layoffs as the world approaches a predicted unemployment rate of 32% in the U.S. by the end of 2020. In comparison, the unemployment rate of the Great Depression was 25%.

Employers facing layoffs in the coming year should bear in mind the following as it relates to leveraging Mogul’s Transition Platform:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it takes the average jobseeker 5 months to find employment; employees with access to our Transition Platform cut that time by 50%, joining a new workforce in 2.5 months, on average.
  • The cost of a bad company reputation in how it handles a layoff could cost up to $7.6M in additional wages if managed poorly.
  • Companies average a combined savings of $3.9M from costs related to unemployment insurance, employee benefits, and wrongful termination lawsuits when utilizing transition services.

Mogul provides transitioning employees with access to almost 600k jobs from over 450 companies from around the world. Our resources include access to support from our global talent network, exclusive job opportunities, a multitude of learning resources and training, as well as professional development and coaching events.