LOS ANGELES — April 29, 2020 — Intivine, Inc. announced today AJ Sarcione, a former Yahoo and Verizon leader specializing in internal marketing and employee engagement, has launched a new brand to help people and companies to Get Your Shine. The brand provides online learning solutions, coaching, a retail experience, and speaking and workshops for team and leadership development.

AJ Sarcione is a world-traveled speaker, and seasoned communications and marketing executive who is the creator of The Shine Scale™, a data-driven, proprietary, personality quiz that evaluates fourteen characteristics that when fully activated, help to accelerate success. He’s the author of three books: a workbook titled “SPARK: Unlock and Unblock Your Shine Potential”; a children’s book “Radiant Ruth the Rhino Shines Bright”; and “Unlock and Unblock: The Journal,” which provides 14 weeks of daily development.

“My goal is to make people and companies shine,” said AJ Sarcione. “I see the opportunity in challenges, and the solutions in problems, and I help others to do that so they can thrive. When I bring a smile to someone’s face while helping them build their brand and spark their dreams, then I know I’ve succeeded.”

AJ established and led internal marketing for Yahoo, prior to and through the Verizon acquisition, to then become head of mojo and employee experience for the newly formed company. Prior in his career he worked at MTV, Ogilvy and 20th Century Fox.

Get Your Shine works with individuals to develop their personalities by using The Shine Scale™ and coaching to make successful people more successful. With brands, beyond traditional team building and leadership development, additional focus is placed on culture activation, providing education and workshops from establishing the foundation for great cultures, through to experiential moments that engage employees. AJ uses an approach to ignite, fuel and release people and company’s shine with his 4P’s technique, which includes, possibility, positivity, performance and personality.

Intivine, Inc. is owned and operated by AJ Sarcione, and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

About Intivine, Inc.

Intivine, Inc. provides services and tools rooted in shine development and shine culture for individuals and companies. Backed by AJ Sarcione, a world-traveled speaker who was the head of mojo for Oath/Verizon Media and created and ran internal marketing at Yahoo, the company owns a proprietary tool, The Shine Scale™, which uses a data-driven approach to help people and companies to unlock and unblock their shine potential to accelerate success. For more information, visit www.getyourshine.com and follow @ajsarcione on Instagram.